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Hancock (2008)


8/10: There Is Nothing Half-Cocked About "Hancock
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Will Smith superhero saga "Hancock," co-starring Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman, qualifies as the most original superhero movie of summer 2008. Indeed, "Friday Night Lights" director Peter Berg with "Hostage" scenarist Vincent Ngo and "X-Files" writer Vince Galligan devote themselves entirely to the origins of their offbeat and unusual titan and leave everything wide open for an inevitable sequel. This amusing, irreverent, occasionally violent comedy-drama boasts a dynamic cast, a tidy 92-minute running time, and an inventive premise brimming with audacity that more than compensates for its chief liability, shoddy computer generated special effects that appear campy rather than cool. As much as "Hancock" poke fun at superheroes, it also details the disadvantages that come with being a superhero. Adam Sandler got the ball rolling earlier with "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" where he played an ordinary guy with superhero characteristics. "Hancock" takes the ordinary guy with superhero powers like "Zohan" to even...

5/10: A different kind of superhero film
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hancock is set in Los Angeles where John Hancock (Will Smith) lives as a powerful superhero fighting crime, he can fly & is invincible to all injury. However the residents of LOs Angeles dislike Hancock because of the vast amounts of damage he causes & lack of modesty, feeling alone, unwanted & unappreciated Hancock has slipped into alcoholism & depression. Hanacock saves public relations man Ray Emrey (Jason Bateman) from being hit by an oncoming train & as thanks Ray invites Hancock to his home for dinner, Hancock agrees & meets Ray's wife Mary (Charlize Theron). Ray suggests to Hancock that he needs an image makeover to make him more appealing to the public & when Hancock is branded a public menace & an arrest warrant is issued Ray feels it would be a perfect opportunity to turn Hancock's lowly image around by giving himself up in order for the authorities & public to realise how much they need him when he is not there...Directed by...

3/10: Major misfire with too much going on. Only comes alive in sporadic moments
Saturday, July 5, 2008

Major misfire from Will Smith concerning a superhero with a drinking problem who decides to redo his image of destruction.Based on what many have considered a great script "Tonight He Comes" (which I haven't read but which I've read about) this is a movie with some really good ideas, which after bobbling them for an hour drops them as they add another 15 to the mix.The idea is that its lonely being a superhero and that one would eventually begin to drink because one was all alone. Drink causes problems as does anger problems- usually resulting in millions of dollars in insurance claims. The idea is rather clever and its one thats been used before in better films like Superguy: Behind the Cape a pseudo-documentary about the problems of being a superhero. Its a good idea as I said and there are moments here where they pull it off but its only in the odd...

6/10: there are complaints to be had, but mostly it's a fun summer action movie
Thursday, July 3, 2008

Will Smith is a great star in Hollywood, and it's fun to see him in Hancock work his way with a character who's an "a-hole" (don't call him that, by the way, that's the buzz word) for the first half and then starts to open up and not be so much one in the second half. If for no other reason to see the film it's for him and for people like Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron to show what potential they have with their talents; Theron especially reminds an audience every once in a while that she won an Oscar for a reason. And, it's also for the first half of the way through the 90 minute running time a wonderful dark comedy that takes itself seriously but also pokes fun at a superhero who doesn't give a flying f*** and bums around saving people while also drinking his ass off...

6/10: The Confused Tone Makes For An Uneven Film
Monday, March 10, 2014

When I heard this movie was getting produced I jumped to the conclusion this was a bio-pic on the British comedian Tony Hancock " Will Smith is Hancock " Hmmm . There might have been a serious fly in that ointment but rest assured if Smith pulled it off then we'd have the greatest acting performance in the history of cinema . As it turned out this wasn't in fact what HANCOCK was about and concerned itself with a burned out super-hero . One wonders if studios should put a bit more thinking in to film titles ? After all can anyone remember that sci-fi epic called JOHN CARTER ? Not really a title you equate with sci-fi As it turns out I thought HANCOCK might be the sort of super-hero to appeal to someone like me and that is someone who doesn't the avalanche of films featuring Marvel comic book characters and the like . A burned out hero...

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