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No Way Out (1987)


Life in DC and The...
Thursday, June 18, 2020

Life in DC and The Pentagon during the mid-80s RELEASED IN 1987 and directed by Roger Donaldson, "No Way Out” is a political drama/thriller starring Keven Costner as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy who falls in love with a woman of dubious morality (Sean Young) and is thrust into a cover-up/witch hunt after a tragedy. Gene Hackman plays his “boss” at the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, while Will Patton appears as the Secretary’s loyal and diligent assistant. This remake of 1948's “The Big Clock" makes great use of Washington DC & surrounding area (e.g. Arlington) with sweet opening and closing aerial views. The Pentagon is a focal point with much of the drama taking place in that iconic building. There’s a worthy surprise in the plot so pay attention. Roger Ebert overrated this movie in 1987, giving it a perfect rating. The first half is a great setup, but the second...

Counting down the hours for...
Thursday, June 18, 2020

Counting down the hours for some self investigation. No Way Out is directed by Roger Donaldson and adapted to screenplay by Robert Garland from the novel "The Big Clock" written by Kenneth Fearing. It stars Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Sean Young, Will Patton, George Dzundza and Howard Duff. Music is by Maurice Jarre and cinematography by John Alcott. Already filmed impressively as The Big Clock in 1948, Fearing's ingenious source material gets a shift to a Pentagon backdrop and still comes out a winner. Putting their own spin on the central story, that of a man finding he is investigating "himself" during a murder enquiry, the makers unfurl a labyrinthine plot that keeps up the suspense quota right to the very end. In true noir style, the story is crammed with double bluffs, deceit, sex and death, with the added ingredient of politico intrigue to spice things still further. Cast are led superbly by Costner and Hackman, though Young...

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