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Men of Honor (2000)


4/10: Training Camp Movie
Saturday, May 30, 2009

Follows the usual formula in putting a new recruit -- this time the first African-American (Cuba Gooding) after President Truman desegregates the Armed Forces -- through the U. S. Navy's deep-sea diver training program that is run by a racist zealot (Robert DeNiro). If the program weren't bad enough, it's got to be located in Bayonne, New Jersey.There's nothing wrong with the performances. Robert De Niro activates his Southern accent and shouts gibberish effectively. Cuba Gooding, raised by a stern father as a poor black farm boy in the South, is the expectable paragon of rectitude. The girls -- one could hardly call them women -- are Charleze Theron and Lonette McKee. They have minor roles and are mostly there to argue that their men should exercise common sense. Other decent performers -- Powers Boothe and Hal Holbrook -- have even more perfunctory roles.That's about it. Almost everything else could have been assembled by a computer. A...

6/10: Men of Honor
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Based on the true story, this is a good naval drama tackling the issues of segregation, racism and disability, with three very good actors. Basically, African American Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.) grew up on a farm, and wanted to make his father proud, so he joined the Navy, and after jumping in the water (which was against the rules for black people), he proves himself a fast swimmer, and now wants to become the first African American Naval diver. So now she is being trained by demoted ex-diver Chief 'Billy' Sunday (Robert De Niro), going through tasks (made harder mostly for him), Sunday along with the commander are set on seeing Brashear fail. He does manage to succeed in his first diving mission, but his success is short lived when his left leg is near severed by an accident. His wife Jo (Aunjanue Ellis) doesn't see much hope, but Carl decides to have the part of the...

6/10: The Leads Are Honorable
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Men of Honor (2000): Dir: George Tillman Jr. / Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron, Michael Rapaport, Hal Holbrook: A film about traction between two men from different backgrounds and how unity brings about peace. Based on a true story of the first black diver to graduate from the Navy. He is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and seen by Master Chief Billy Sunday as the best diver on board. Sunday abuses those around him and has been discharged many times. Gooding succeeds and is tutored with the academic elements by his future wife. There are obvious issues involving race but the screenplay becomes distracted with Gooding's romance, and the introduction of Sunday's wife who is constantly drunk. Fine setup follows regrettable clich├ęs and a conventional ending that isn't totally on par with Sunday's change of heart. Directed by George Tillman Jr., who previously made Soul Food. Gooding is superb as a guy who...

10/10: One you either love or hate
Saturday, March 2, 2013

This one seems to be a movie that viewers either hate or love. You can put me in the latter category. It was certainly not shown at my local multiplex back in 2000 or 2001 (you can list the proprietors amongst hate or indifferent) and it was not until recently that I caught up with Fox's superb DVD version. A very moving account of one man's struggle to realize what seems at first both a hopeless and totally oddball mission, namely to be admitted to the U.S. Navy's diving school, the film becomes more and more powerful as it progresses. Against all the odds, the viewer becomes really absorbed in the dedication and determination of a hero (superbly played by Cuba Gooding, Jr) who simply will not throw in the towel no matter what the Fates and the combined power of the United States Navy throw at him. Robert DeNiro has the difficult role of a...

2/10: Sappy
Monday, April 16, 2001

I gave this film a 2, and I watched about half of this sappy film. The Rocky who over comes great obstacles films ie Mask, Karate Kid, and the Jessie Owens story, have been done over and over to the point of over kill. Like action films which have the reputation of seen it, did it, done it before approach, this film has the originality of Rambo 6. Maybe, the movie industry should go back to 1970's ending where everyone dies, or things don't work out, for a change. I love plot twists or a memorable scene I have never witness before, but to do a film where I can predict to the last detail what will happen next is boring. Maybe, thats why people cheer for the bad guys in wrestling now because of the sake of change, the Hulk Hogans, with their white hats on, is a event of the 80's. Like heavy metal, and...

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