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Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)


7/10: Good preteen movie but weak ending
Saturday, April 17, 2021

I watched this when I was just entering my teens and enjoyed it back in 01. I decided to watch it and feel it has withstood the test of time. The concept is a clever one, 12 year old Max endured a terrible slew of bad characters in his new school. He figures out from his parents he is moving so he plants revenge on all his enemies. His plan goes wrong when he learns he is not moving anymore. I though Linz was a great actor in this, he fits the late 90s early 00s preteen boy motif pretty spot on (spiked hair, cargo pants: I had the look too). Other than that there is nothing unusually special to the story, however that is not necessarily a bad thing: the story moves and is funny (McGoogles is me name) and in certain areas quite clever (the stock market bully was a unique character).My criticism is that the ending...

9/10: Do we really have to write a summary
Saturday, August 6, 2005

I really liked this movie. The ending area was my favorite part, when Max holds Megan's hand, that was really nice. But how could you forget your own going away party? I would be crushed if the guy I liked stood me and my other best friend up for his own going away party. I think that the acting was good. I don't really think that bullies would charge you to go to the restroom though.... Plus, who writes their victim's name on their own shirt, wouldn't your parents say something? And I also don't think that the school would allow students to bully other students like that, it's almost impossible to hide a name on your shirt... Why was that one bully afraid of that cartoon character, what did the cartoon do to the kid? WOW this movie is really old. It's crazy. but I still liked it, I thought it was...

7/10: Alex D. Linz was the only great actor in this movie
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well maybe Zena Grey had some talent here but thats just about it. As usually this is the second Alex D. Linz movie that I say was only a good movie because he was in it; like Home Alone 3 and Full Court Miracle. This is a great movie but could have been better if they replaced every character except Alex Linz, Zena Grey, and maybe the principle. I find Josh Peck very annoying as I usually do; he screwed this movie up very badly; man I just hate Robe. But on the movies storyline which makes up Max Keeble goes to this animal shelter to see the animals but the principle buys the rented property and Max tries to protest but that fails when the principle takes down his posters and then Max does it his own way by sneaking into the school at night to checkout the funds for the school and put something is his mouth-spray...

8/10: Good, fun, over the top kids' film
Sunday, December 27, 2009

I think the film has to be seen for what it is - a good, fun, over the top kids film. Don't take movies like this too seriously. If you expect anything other than this, you will most likely be disappointed. If you're expecting something reasonably suitable for adults, you will be disappointed.For those who are unaware, the film is about a boy (Max) who finds out he's moving house & uses it to take revenge on those who have bullied him. He then finds out he's not moving &, having "forgotten" to attend his going away party with his friends, has to make amends with everyone & still deal with the bullies.There are some good solid performances in this film, particularly from Alex Linz (Max), Zena Grey (Megan) & Larry Miller (Principal Jindraike). Even if the plot is totally unrealistic, as are most of the characters. If you just sit back, relax & enjoy it though, you'll find...

2/10: A family movie everyone needs to see
Saturday, October 9, 2010

I must say, I enjoyed this movie when I was 8, and still feel the same way right now at the age of 16. This is a movie that the whole family should see! Not only will kids and teens find it funny, adults will find it funny due to some of its adult humor. The film stars "Drake & Josh"'s Josh Peck, "Snow Day"'s Zena Grey, SNL's Nora Dunn, and "Home Alone 3"'s Alex D. Linz in the title role. Again, many kids might not get some of the risqué humor, but the adults will. So, when you're having a family movie night and can't possibly think of a movie, get this one. You'll love it! This film is also very coming of age for most younger viewers, but that won't be too much of an issue with them

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