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The Little Things (2021)

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6/10: Disappointing ! Its just ok This...
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Disappointing ! Its just ok This is one of those cases of a film having a better trailer than the film actually is. Maybe it was just me but that trailer pulled me in and I was really looking forward to check this film out. Overriding feeling is disappointment because this film should have been better considering the great actors involved, interesting story and good directing.Denzel Washington is just doing what Denzel does best, thats not really a shocker to anyone alive. He is the rock/centre of the film and yeah he is good. What else am I meant to say ? However sadly for me this film has set it in stone that I really really don't like Rami Malek. I'm sorry he was the worst past of the film for me, I don't think it was all his fault , maybe he was miscast in this role. He is just so plain, dull and just has...

7/10: Wanted To Like It More...
Friday, January 29, 2021

Wanted To Like It More, But Enjoyed It Anyway! SPOILERS AHEAD!!Like many others, I expected more from this movie considering the fabulous cast and the well-constructed trailer. This is one of those films that I truly wanted to LOVE.I'll list my PROS & CONS, to include the positives and negatives that I may have overlooked in a more general review. CONS:Not very original storyline, too much copied from David Fincher's "Sev7en", or Denzel's "Training Day" (both of which included the "retiring-cop-teaching-new-rookie-the-ropes" theme). It was a challenge to convert my mindset to the PRE-smart phone technology of the early '90's, which made the instant communication factor non-existent. Of course that is no one's fault, just frustrating, lol. I guess if the story took place currently, it would have been a completely different plot.Too much jumpy editing from scene to scene.Too much focus on...

7/10: Watch before you read my...
Saturday, January 30, 2021

Watch before you read my review I understand the frustration of the ending. I was going to write off this movie as bad. Then I thought for a little bit.Here's my theory: I believe Albert wasn't the killer. I know that's a common consensus. I don't think Deke or Jimmy was either. However, the confusion and frustration of not getting an answer from the film is actually the result expected. We, as an audience, are to feel just as lost and frustrated with the unknown and unresolved as Deke and Jimmy do. To feel just like how it is to be a obsessive Detective to the point where your perception has become so skewed from obsession, you're desperate for an answer. To the point where you break and it has consequences. Perhaps to show us how being a dedicated detective has its weight that finally breaks them down. Deke knows this finally, as Jimmy...

7/10: Still looking for another Se7en...
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Still looking for another Se7en There will never be another Se7en and, although this may appear similar, it is very different.Where as Se7en is all about the crime and the killer this is more concerned with the detectives hunting the killer.We meet Denzil as a lowly cop sent on an errand to the town that he used to be a respected detective in.It is clear something happened here that put a downward trajectory on his career.Almost by accident he gets pulled in to the hunt for a vicious serial killer.The crimes are not particularly clever of interesting or are the suspects.This is all about the detectives.This is well made and produced, the leads have a sickly pallor about them that reinforces the desperate state of the investigation.There is nothing particularly different about this movie and it is quite low on excitement.But the characters are engaging and I like watching Denzil in...

5/10: Started out well, completely fell...
Saturday, January 30, 2021

Started out well, completely fell apart in the last 30 minutes I was looking forward to this movie. Great cast, crime thriller that looked like maybe another "Seven".Nice opening, then a slow burn where you got to know the characters for 90 minutes.Was expecting a lot, then it all fell apart in the last 30 minutes.No way in hell any detective would get in that car. No way in hell Deke would know they took the Palmdale Freeway, nor what exit, nor that right turn, nor up the dirt road.No way in hell that Jimmy would do the digging himself, at all.Just completely unbelievable moves during the last 30 minutes.No way in hell everyone would have covered up the accidental shooting, especially the autopsy tech.And I still don't get the ending. Did Deke buy a random barrette? Was Deke supposed to be the killer? The ending was completely muddled.Such a disappointment...

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