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Big Fish (2003)

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4/10: Champagne wishes but catfish dreams...
Sunday, January 4, 2004

Champagne wishes but catfish dreams A flat mug of beer that should have been a bubbly flute of champagneI was very frustrated and disappointed by Big Fish . clearly a lot of time, money and talent went into the production of the movie, but for me it never really came together.At its center, "Big Fish" is a movie about storytelling. Yet, I think that its fundamental flaw is that its stories are poorly told. The older Ed Bloom is clearly meant to be a delightful raconteur, who charms his wife, his daughter-in-law, friends and acquaintances with his "tall tales." Yet, it's hard not to agree instead when his son accuses him of being an embarrassment after Dad takes the floor at his son's wedding to tell (obviously for the 100th times) his elaborate and version of the story of his son's birth. As played by Albert Finney, Ed Bloom does seem more like the drunken...

10/10: Boy Who Cried Wolf!! (Werewolf...
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Boy Who Cried Wolf!! (Werewolf!!) "A BIG FISH in a small pond!!!" the phrase applies to a typical local yokel who better not leave his sequestered Podunk town or else he is in for a rude awakening!!.. Venturesome as though he may be, Ed Bloom leaves his Mayberry, joins the circus, and decides to fall in love...True love comes along less than once in a lifetime...The intuition for true love in this movie is succinctly illustrated through a dark angled idealism, and suddenly, problems with falling in love are romanticized by a myriad of quirky determination patterns, as well as utterly human shortcomings!!. Married, having a son, a house, etc, etc, etc and so on and so on and so on and so forth and so forth and so forth, pans out to whereby his emeritus years become those of expounding dissertation about his exciting dare devil nefarious life as an impervious adolescent.. Spinning Yarns? We know better...

10/10: Lyrical. Tim Burton continues to...
Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lyrical. Tim Burton continues to demonstrate his maturation as a director despite having a soft spot for the fantastic and the weird.It's probably not a surprise that this film would receive generally mixed-to-good reviews but was virtually ignored by the Academy. It's a little too visually eccentric for its own good and that somehow translates as a film that uses beautiful images as its means to tell a story, and that in 2003 was not quite the type of movies that were being told with the exception of LORD OF THE RINGS which in itself is a triumph of effects serving a story, albeit deeply rooted in fantasy, but not too dissimilar to this one.Tall tales are a part of Americana. Here they come under the guise of hilarious situations and extremely poignant, compassionate moments. Essentially, this is a humanist fable dressed in deep, poetic magic realism, because it's the story of a...

10/10: One of the best films...
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

One of the best films in the last 25 years Big Fish...What made me watch this film in the first place was solely based on the fact that Pearl Jam got nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. That's what got me to the theatre the first time. What made me goto the theatre two more times after and purchase the DVD the second it became available was the greatness of the movie. It's not often that a love story so deep comes along. This movie encompasses two types of love, between a father and son, and a husband and wife. But it's not a sappy romance. How Tim Burton did this, proves how genius he is. Though the movie itself seems so far-fetched, it could not be more real. If you've already seen this movie, and like it, you'll know what i mean. For those who don't know whether...

10/10: Tim Burton's Surprise Heartwarmer...
Monday, February 16, 2004

Tim Burton's Surprise Heartwarmer I approach Tim Burton films with a certain trepidation. Will it be "Edward Scissorhands" or "Batman II?" With Burton you could get a quirky comedy, a dark thriller, or sweet morality tale. And there's always the possibility of Danny DeVito chomping down on a raw fish. "Big Fish" combines Burton's unusual humor with a heart-wrenching story of a father-son deathbed reconciliation. Albert Finney and Ewan McGregor share the role of Ed Bloom, one of the big fish from the movie's title while an SUV-sized catfish plays the other. Bloom is a metaphorical and literal big fish in the small pond of Ashton, Alabama in this tale told mostly through flashback. Jessica Lange plays his wife and Billy Crudup plays the son, Will, estranged from his father for the past three years. Father and son are reunited as Finney lies dying of cancer. Ed Bloom has spent his life spinning...

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