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Term Life (2016)


4/10: Vince Vaughn's hairstyle was amazing. That's about it
Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You're a thief, right? That's what mom said. You steal stuff, right? Yeah. You must really suck at it.""Term life" is such a kind of movie that makes me think deeply the next day, just because I can't remember the title anymore. Let alone I remember anything significant content wise. At first I didn't even feel like watching this comical crime film, due to the presence of Vince Vaughn. He isn't exactly my favorite actor. Lets say he already got on my nerves in "The internship" and "Wedding Crashers". But ultimately I must admit that his presence was quite bearable in this film. He really doesn't look like a criminal and I was afraid he would come up with something semi-comic (which wouldn't be funny anyway). But fortunately this wasn't the case. There are also some well-known actors present, even though their roles are meaningless after all.Nick Barrow...

1/10: Some big stars maybe doing favors for friends
Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wow. Just wow. How do big name actors get involved in b-movie fare like this? Usually it is money. I don't know the reason for their getting involved in this movie's failure, if it was money then I have to wonder why they hired an inexperienced writer for the screenplay? Because that is the main fault of this movie. The screenplay is based on a graphic novel and I have to imagine the comic book is nowhere near as unbelievable as this hack screenplay. Because the story in the movie relies on supposed smart people doing things they wouldn't do but do them because apparently because the writer couldn't come up with anything better to get where he wanted to go. Take for example the desire to create tension to heighten the emotion of the viewers. You can either make the characters act true to normal human behavior or you could have them all of...

7/10: Very Good
Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nick Barrow (Vince Vaughn) doesn't commit the heists, he just sets them up and charges a hefty sum for this service. Allejandro (William Levy) son of a Mexican drug lord Victor ( Jordi Molla) buys Nick's plan. The job is pulled off, but at the escape pad others come in and kill everyone including Allejandro. Now Nick is being hunted by drug lord Victor as he wants Nick to lead him to the man who came up with the job that killed his son. Nick knows Cate (Hailee Steinfeld) his daughter is now in danger and will be used to get to him. I had a hard time believing this was Vince Vaughn as his hairdo made him not look like Vince Vaughn. Still it almost looked like him. I decided that I would wait for this Vince Vaughn as Nick to talk a million miles a second as the real Vince Vaughn always does that in those dumb...

7/10: A heart-warming movie about a father and daughter wrapped in a clever and suspenseful crime thriller
Friday, April 29, 2016

It was the plot synopsis that caught my attention, and the impressive cast that convinced me to try it. I am very glad that I did, because this movie is a pleasure to watch. I have never particularly liked Vince Vaughn, for me his comedic characters have always fallen flat. I certainly wouldn't have pegged him as right for a lead role in a movie like this, but then I not only underestimated Vaughn as an actor, but I underestimated what this movie was going to be. The synopsis paints this as a serious thriller, something fast-paced, tense, action-packed. It is these things, at the right moments, but at other moments it is a father and daughter bonding in charming and unexpected ways.I just watched the trailer to see how well it represents the movie, and I have to say it is poorly cut and doesn't do the movie justice at all. For one, the...

4/10: Fails to deliver on promising premise
Saturday, July 2, 2016

Term Life" fails to deliver on the promise of its premise. It has an interesting premise. A man facing imminent and unavoidable death takes out a life insurance police to provide for his estranged daughter and must contrive to survive extraordinary odds until the policy takes effect. Somehow, I equate the film to Jason Stratham's "Crank," but rather than having less than a day, Vaughn's character has three weeks, which lends a leisurely pace. Hailee Steinfeld was great in "True Grit," but isn't given much to work with here. At twenty, she looks possibly twenty-four and seems far too mature to play sixteen – and for what? Her character could just as easily be in her mid twenties. There is relatively little chemistry here. I felt more chemistry in "Safe," another Stratham film, between him and the Chinese kid. Steinfeld's character isn't particularly interesting or even three-dimensional. The plot seems familiar, with elements we...

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