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The Reaping (2006)


The Reaping harvests souls of...
Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Reaping harvests souls of the religiously devoted by subjecting them to this. “What hath God wrought?”. If ever there was a tagline that would instantly persuade audiences to leap up from their sofas, drive to the nearest cinema complex and purchase a couple of tickets, it’s this one. Sure, using a phrase from the Book of Numbers (as opposed to Exodus which is the primary plot device of the film...) certainly sets the religiously inclined tone, that eventually dissolves into the plagued river of blood but more on that later. It also indicates the unimaginative stupidity that ensues, leaving logic and science behind for a faith-based apocalyptic tale that is in need of some serious stoning. A professor in debunking miracles is invited to investigate a “river of blood” in the nearby town of Haven, but is quickly ensnared in an apocalyptic mystery. Whilst not the worst horror film in the existence of cinema, with a tepid...

_**Intriguing first act gives way...
Sunday, April 3, 2022

_**Intriguing first act gives way to dull second act, but decent ending**_ Released in 2007, "The Reaping" is a about a former ordained missionary who's now a professor who debunks supposed miracles around the world (Hilary Swank). She and her assistant (Idris Elba) venture to a bayou town where, amazingly, the ten plagues of Exodus are manifesting (!). David Morrissey plays their host in the town while AnnaSophia Robb plays the 12 year-old focal point of the plagues. Are the plagues real or can they be scientifically explained? If they're real, who's the source, God or the devil? This is a haunting mystery horror film rather than a monster/slasher movie, so if you're looking for the latter don't bother. That said, this is an extremely well-made production. The visuals of the various plagues are awesome, particularly the bayou turning to blood, the locusts and fire raining from the sky. Moreover, Swank looks super...

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