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Bride Wars (2009)

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1/10: Lethal Chick Flick I watched...
Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lethal Chick Flick I watched this with my wife out of kindness. When it finally ended, I felt emasculated. I ran to the fridge and drank a Budweiser. That wasn't enough. I drove to 7-11 and bought a King Cobra Malt Liquor 40 oz. I drove home and chugged it, and smoked a cigar. Then I tuned into the NFL channel and watched NFL training camp videos. Then, I listened to a Lynyrd Skynyrd "Lyve From Steel Town" CD. I finally recovered before I almost drove to the tattoo parlor. This horrible, girly chick flick met all the requirements: white people dancing to Motown, women putting apologetic men in their place, and massive lapses from reality. Jennifer Hudson's orange tan and Anne Hathaway's matronly princess look was enough. Ms. Hathaway even kept her boobs covered this time.

1/10: The worst romantic comedy I...
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The worst romantic comedy I have eve seen in my life I got this on DVD a year ago because I like wedding movies like 27 Dresses,Made of Honor,My best friends wedding and I also like Kate Hudson (who is Goldie Hawn's daughter)and Anne Hathaway(who was in ella enchanted which was a failure and Princess diaries I & II). So I decided to watch it and boy was I bored with it.The story is about two best friends who are both getting married to their long time partners but when they book their weddings with the wedding councilor(Candice Bergin who played Patrick Dempsey's mom in Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon)they are horrified when the dates for their weddings are booked on the same day(oh what a shocker).Of course they fight about it and they get their own back at one another like Livs hair turns blue the other girl...

1/10: One of the worst movies...
Sunday, February 14, 2010

One of the worst movies of 2009

1/10: Unless this is the ONLY...
Friday, June 26, 2009

Unless this is the ONLY film left in your video rental store, do not rent or buy it I went into the cinema with very low expectations. Very low. I'm usually very lenient with films and am not picky, but this film, honestly, If I hadn't been there with a friend, I would have got up and left. My expectations weren't even close to being met.The film surrounds two best friends, who, by mistake, have their wedding booked in the same place, same day, and oh my gosh, can you believe it, the same time!!!! Shocking, isn't it? Neither of them want to move their date, so they start fighting. Then, the film takes you through a series of weak attempts to get back at one another. Totally unpredictable, I know. That's basically the entire film, aside from what is supposedly a "surprising twist" to finish of the film. The script was empty and...

6/10: Silly Anne Hathaway and Kate...
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Silly Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are in the "Bride Wars" in this 2009 comedy about two best friends who, due to a scheduling mistake, end up with the same date for their wedding. They agree one has to give up the date; but each finds out from someone else that the other is doing save the date cards or something, and they turn on one another. It becomes a goal for each woman to destroy the other's wedding.This film is really for young girls, or so it seemed to me. It's funny in a silly kind of way. I frankly thought Hudson seemed older than Hathaway (she is, but only by three years).Candace Bergen plays a popular wedding planner, and it's always great to see her. Loved seeing the locations around Central Park and the Plaza.Okay.

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