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The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

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8/10: Fairly satisfying conclusion, but there...
Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Fairly satisfying conclusion, but there are disappointments, and it still doesn't make total sense. (No plot spoilers.)Like most others, I loved the Matrix. And like a lot of others, I was underwhelmed with Reloaded. But for Revolutions, I came out pretty happy. You do see an end, and there are some surprises. But I was still left with important unanswered questions, and that's kind of inexcusable for the finale in a 7 hour trilogy.What Matrix Revolutions brings to the table is a giant war. The machines have reached Zion, it's the last stand for the humans, and Neo must make a choice that could bring him face-to face with the machine city and a possible end to the war.After a slow but interesting start, we see the war begin. It's a special effects frenzy, similar to that of Lord of the Rings or the arena battle at the end of Star Wars...

2/10: We Used Up All Our...
Thursday, February 16, 2006

We Used Up All Our Ideas In The First Movie, Part 2 Before seeing the first Matrix movie I didn't expect to like it. I was dead wrong – I loved that film. I therefore looked forward to the next two. I was wrong again – I hated them both. Each is execrable, but "Revolutions" is the worst.In fact, "hate" is the wrong word to use for this movie. Rather, I was bored. Revolutions is dull, unimaginative and impenetrable. I know, there are people out there who see impenetrable as deep and meaningful. In this case it's not. It is shallow and meaningless.Revolutions has three distinct parts. In the first third not much happens, and what does happen is of no import. Most of the audience will have been lost by the end of this portion of the film – disinterest will have caused their minds to drift. As the movie proceeds some may think that...

1/10: Ok, are you ready for...
Saturday, November 8, 2003

Ok, are you ready for this? *SPOILERS* Right-o. Just got back from watching this, and let me tell you, what a waste of a Saturday night, not to mention money.Let me start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed "The Matrix" and was quite happy with the way it ended. I was reluctant to see "Matrix: Reloaded", and in fact protested going, until I received complimentary tickets to that opening night. Having seen THAT, and being put off by SO many reasons, I was extremely hesitant to go to this one. My roommate convinced me to go, as he had put together a group of 7 people, and we all went, and I was hopeful, but not convinced that it would be worth the time.That being said, of the 7 of us, more than once, 4 of us came up with "Star Wars" related jokes at precisely the same time, and comments were shuttling back and forth...

9/10: Overall worthwhile, but hard not...
Friday, April 2, 2004

Overall worthwhile, but hard not to feel disappointed The first Matrix movie is one of the more ground breaking movies in the last decade as evidence by a pretty massive influence on pop culture. I could immerse myself in this review of just how great I think the first movie is, but I digress. The second was received with so much hype that it couldn't possibly live up to in all fairness, but I thought the second movie was wildly entertaining and a bit like the first one in the fact that it made you think quite a bit after the movie was over (The first one "blows your mind" an over-used phrase when it comes to reviewing movies, but it certainly applies in this case). However, I thought the second had too much action, I believe Keanu has close to 5 fight scenes. Morpheus has one, Trinity has 2 I think, all this fighting I think cuts...

10/10: the matrix trilogy explained --hoenestly...
Thursday, May 29, 2008

the matrix trilogy explained --hoenestly Let me first say i promise u will love the trilogy if u read thisHere we go with the basics.Zion is real! The Matrix is not.duhThe Matrix was designed to provide a mental stimulus for the human bodies connected to the machines as a source of power. This is the sixth version of the Matrix. There have been multiple versions of the Matrix because of a flaw in the program (kinda of like Windows). That flaw is giving individuals the ability to choose.The first Matrix was designed as a perfect Utopia (see pt. I - Smith explains it to Morpheus; pt. II - The Architect explains it again) but humans did not accept it as real so they just kept waking up. It was redesigned to reflect our civilisation at it's last stage before it was taken over by the machines (the year 1999).The Architect's problem with this new design (the...

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