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Alice in Wonderland (2010)


_TL:DR A modern sequel...
Monday, April 25, 2022

_TL:DR A modern sequel to a classic. Feels like it has a few narrative issues, but it wasn't enough for me to really dislike it. (It gets a 6/10 on the Dragon-Scale, because the Jabberwocky has an amazing design and it's walking looks so off-putting.)_ Alice... who hasn't heard of or watched it at some point? This is a sequel to the original, Alice is now 19 when she returns to Wonderland. Which... she has no obvious memories of, which, for an adventure with the scope she undertook when she was younger, I find a little hard to believe. She never acknowledges having any memories of Wonderland until the end of the movie. Which again, strikes me as odd, because even if she would write off her earlier adventure as a dream, you'd still acknowledge having seen it all before, right? Perhaps I'm just overthinking this, but even subconsciously you'd...

I loved the movie. Of...
Monday, April 25, 2022

I loved the movie. Of course it's a Tim Burton film and Johnny Depp is in the movie so it's already a given. Story wise, I like it that it's different from the usual Alice in Wonderland stories. I hope they Tim Burton will make the original movie though. The montage in the movie looks nice when they did the flashback. I love the colors. Anne Hathaway is great. I felt like watching a real life Disney princess. Of course Helena Bonham Carter is magnificent. With her big head that looks really natural, it adds to her funny character. And then there's Alan Rickman. Although he's just a voice of the caterpillar, once you hear his voice, you'll know it's him and it's a great comfort. My grade for this movie??? A. Wonderful story. Great cast. A movie that is pleasing to the eyes. I strongly recommend this to children, adults, and...

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