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Cherry Falls (2000)

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8/10: One of the more adept entries in the slasher genre
Friday, April 8, 2016

Just about everything in "Cherry Falls" is somehow clever and quick- witted. First of all, just take a minute to ponder the name of the town. The concept of a killer taking out virgins instead of disreputable teens is also something the movie has going for it. Another asset is a well thought out script by writer Ken Selden with a surprise reveal that hearkens back to the suspenseful who-dun-its like "Prom Night," "My Bloody Valentine," and even the later "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying "Cherry Falls" is perfect by any means. There are plenty of stale performances and overacting from a largely young cast. Honestly, that's my only complaint about the movie."Cherry Falls" is rated R for strong violence / gore, teen sexuality, language and some drug content. There's plenty of talk about sex, but no nudity. If you saw the movie...

8/10: Watch this movie for the actors and the script. Seriously
Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Brittany Murphy as the good girl, Michael Biehn as her tough sheriff father, Candy Clark as her overbearing mother, Gabriel Mann as the sensitive boyfriend, Jay Mohr as the villain, Kristen Miller as the experienced girl, and Michael Weston as the comic relief. All played with care, backed by a script that was written by a guy who has seen his fair share of teen slasher movies. The number of good dialogue exchanges laced with black humor should satisfy those who scream instructions during most horror movies. The killer may be easily picked, but Jay Mohr plays him well and the movie is still enjoyable on repeat viewings as finding the identity of the killer is not the movie's main attraction. If you have taste for a movie which is both subtle and spectacle oriented at times, you will like this movie.*Ben: "She thinks fellatio is a character from Shakespeare, she wouldn't know a d**k if...

1/10: Worst Horror Film I have EVER seen
Thursday, July 7, 2005

I knew this film wouldn't be high art, but I was not prepared for an hour and a half of absolute rubbish.From the outset it is blatantly obvious who the killer is, even though I was hoping (praying even) that it wouldn't be that person and there would be a clever twist somewhere. Needless to say I was wrong.I look at actors and actresses like Michael Biehn and Brittany Murphy and it staggers me why they accepted to do films like this considering they are capable of so much more. Gabriel Mann who plays the dopey, horny boyfriend will probably have a career acting this type of role (the likeness to James Spader is incredible), but I doubt he will ever rise beyond it.The concept of killing virgins and then a quest to lose their virginity was a good premise, but not developed here. When the background story of the killer is revealed it makes...

5/10: Like a virgin, stabbed for the very first time
Monday, March 4, 2002

The success of the `Scream' series spawned many clones, this being a reasonable attempt. The makers of such scream clones were obviously faced with a dilemma, how not to stray too far from a winning formula – yet be original at the same time – therefore in this one they give the story a little twist. Here, the preposterous twist is that the killer only kills virgins! – sending the youths in the local village sex mad - in order to save their life, obviously!!.As bad as it sounds, its not all bad, especially when the absolutely delicious Brittany Murphy is the lead role as the daughter of the local sheriff (Michael Biehn) who is investigating these grisly murders – and guess what, she's a virgin!!. The final twist is pretty good, although if you really think about, the killers motive for hating all virgins isn't really that convincing, Fun though if you take it for what it...

8/10: Nice ideas
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

In the small town of Cherry Falls, someone is killing virgins. The sheriff's daughter (and virgin) Jody, discovers a dark secret in the town's history: meanwhile the high school students organise a party intended to be full of rampant sex in order to get rid of all the remaining virginity in the town.This film takes the tried and tested teenage slasher formula and tweaks it with some clever and knowing touches, not least of which is the town's name (a real town in West Virginia, by the way.The sex and violence, integral to the story (and of course to the horror sub-genre which this movie is deconstructing) are almost entirely missing due, I understand, to the studio going for a more anodyne edit in order to get a more charitable censorship rating.Brittany Murphy is great - what a loss - and Jay Mohr has as much fun as the audience, if not mo(h)re

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