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Cars 3 (2017)


**The new age begins!** Having...
Sunday, May 1, 2022

**The new age begins!** Having seen enough animated feature that possible eligible for the 2018 Oscars, I'm really disappointed with the result of some of the big titles. Yes, including this one, not big films, except 'Coco' are up to any impressive. The bright side is, after a long time, 2D animation might win. This was an okay film. Though I liked the story outline, but did not like how it all was narrated. I have seen the evolution of 'Harry Potter'. I meant the cast, particularly the main three. For a decade, the little kids grew into older teenagers. But for an animation character, there's no concept of ageing. They always remain same. This film just gave a new perspective. I mean it talked about being or growing old and how it impacts our lives. That we can't hold forever our safe position. Sooner or later, the youngsters will take over it. McQueen is enjoying his...

I agree <em>'Cars 3...
Sunday, May 1, 2022

I agree 'Cars 3' improves upon 'Cars 2', not by much though. The story for this does feel more rounded than the preceding film, even if it ends rather lamely. The whole production builds up around Lightning McQueen, rightly, before strangely having a conclusion that focuses on newbie Cruz Ramirez. I like the idea of what they were going for, but the way the do it is actually quite poor - it feels too forced, as well as chucking most of the development for McQueen across acts one and two out the window. With that said, it isn't a massive hindrance. I still had a fun time with this. Owen Wilson remains good as McQueen, while Cristela Alonzo gives an accomplished performance as Ramirez. One thing I do rate about Alonzo is that Disney didn't go down the obvious, lovey-dovey route with her. None of the rest of the cast standout all that much...

A worthy follow up to...
Sunday, May 1, 2022

A worthy follow up to the original film, miles better than Cars 2. They wisely focus the action back on Lightnin' McQueen and keep Mater to a bare minimum. It's not going to change lives, but a solid animated feature nonetheless. Even when Pixar is coasting they still deliver a very pretty looking film, albeit a little shallow. One thing bugs me though, why in a world of anthropomorphic vehicles, with no signs of humans, do they have door handles...?

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