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Peter Pan (1953)

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Great view, probably won't...
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Great view, probably won't view again, but may recommend for fans of Peter Pan that have seen various other versions. Surprise, I actually experience simply because if I've in no way seen this film just before: this will be something that occurs when you learn to view films critically and rewatch childhood favorites. I'm frequently educated to how bad Walt Disney had been. This film is definitely loaded with insensitive nonsense, especially to Native Americans, and the bulk of the heroes are usually simply horrible individuals, to consist of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Wendy will be the just "natural" personality in the whole film, and I experience as if I'm achieving there. Tiger Lily might end up being a competitor, but she will not Perform very much, therefore it's tough to inform. With such a amazing premise, and Disney's degree of creation value, you would think this would hold up, still after 70 years...

9/10: Thrilling and daring. Another Disney...
Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thrilling and daring. Another Disney masterpiece. Excellent storyline, thrilling action, absolutely delightful, and the tune you can fly will bring a tear to your eye, but maybe the last part's just me. The only problem is, this is a Disney movie where some real sexist comments and stereotypes come out. However, it's an old movie, and people had a different way of thinking in 1953 than they do today. Overall, an absolute delight to watch, and a must see Disney classic!

8/10: Classy Disney tale with unforgettable...
Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Classy Disney tale with unforgettable roles : Hook , Tink, Smee , the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and based on Sir James M. Barrie's 1904 play This classic contains adventures , imagination , astounding as well as gorgeous sets and brilliant images . The picture mingles action , feats , humor , tongue-in-cheek , fantasy and a lot of entertainment . The film centers about Peter Pan (voice by Bobby Driscoll) , a nice adolescent who doesn't want grow up , Wendy , and brothers , all of them form a motley group going to Neverland , the wonderful and enchanted island . As they are whisked away to the magical world of Neverland on a magical flight . Peter Pan , Tink and Lost Boys , a gang of rag-tag runaways (they were boys who fell out of their prams while the nurses weren't looking , whereas Peter Pan is a permanent resident of Never Neverland, the lost boys are only temporary lodgers , if they seem to grow up, Peter Pan sends them home...

10/10: Excellent, Entertaining, Imaginative, Magical, Inspirational...
Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excellent, Entertaining, Imaginative, Magical, Inspirational Fun Film! Peter Pan is my most favorite Disney film of all time and the best one in my book. This film, being 60 years old has the exciting youthful feel I'm sure it had in the beginning when first premiered in 1953. Walt Disney was a man of imagination and this film proves it for the entertaining, imaginative, and magical moments that go on in it.The film is the following: Excellent, entertaining, imaginative, magical, and inspirational, and I can put them all together.Wonderful story, excellent animation, outstanding voice cast (you couldn't pick anyone better in the day than Bobby Driscoll,there couldn't have been a better Peter Pan for the way he was portrayed: cocky, fun, exciting, imaginative, a fighter, though there he had a soft spot and was there whenever his friends needed him. Kathryn Beaumont, you can't compete for a better Wendy. As far as I...

9/10: A great classic! Peter Pan...
Monday, March 9, 2009

A great classic! Peter Pan is a very good movie indeed, which is more to be said for its sequel, which I think is one of the worst Disney sequels. While enormously entertaining especially with Hook and the crocodile, it lacks the complexity of the book. However, the animation is beautiful, especially our first look at Neverland and the Mermaid Lagoon. The songs are also lovely, especially "2nd Star to the Right" and "You can Fly". I loved the characters. Peter and the Darlings were well done, as well as the lost Boys. I also loved Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook, who was a great villain, until the sequel ruined him. If you want a more complex Hook, try Tim Curry's Hook in the animated TV series Peter Pan and the Pirates, which I personally think should be brought back. Captain Hook was wonderful here, in the series, and Jason Issac's interpretation of the character isn't to...

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