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Spiral: From The Book of Saw (2021)


4/10: Cop Tropes the movie! "Spiral...
Friday, May 14, 2021

Cop Tropes the movie! "Spiral: from the book of Saw" Is , for the lack of a better word, Terrible. It fails horribly on every front. It's mystery is obvious. It's scares are nonexistent. The directing is stale and generic. The acting is laughably forced and over the top. And the script, well, it's garbage. Chris Rock is a cop who the film wants us to believe is a good cop, the best cop even, so good in fact that he doesn't do anything by the rules. This includes touching evidence with bare hands, not recognizing his best friends wedding ring, watch, clothes, opening random packages delivered to the police station, plugging in random usb drives into police computers, not actually figuring out any clues and never saving anyone. He also is an over acting, one line spouting, cop movie stereotype to the point of embarrassment. He drives a muscle car, has a new partner, turned a...

2/10: Get new writers. Predictable from...
Friday, May 14, 2021

Get new writers. Predictable from the very beginning. These were the same writers who wrote Jigsaw which was easily predictable but less than this film somehow. It was so easy to tell that Chris Rock's rookie partner was behind everything, it was almost laughable. Soon as he showed up on screen and begin talking I could tell it was him. I kept hoping to be thrown off but in the end that wasn't the case. With Saw X just being announced, the studio needs to go with new writers or bring back the old ones. The way this one ends, where the hell do you go now? Chris Rock's character knows who this guy is. I felt they kind of botched the ending. The strings holding Sam Jackson should have ripped him apart as SWAT was entering the room and then they should have shot Chris Rock while he ran in from the side. The rookie shuts...

5/10: Sorry didnt buy chris rock...
Friday, May 21, 2021

Sorry didnt buy chris rock as a tough cop, story was mediocre ,We Missed jigsaw!! Didnt have a great story like the original, didnt have a character that grabs you like jigsaw. Ending was weak and the ending saw twist was now where near as good as most saws. Sorry Chris but didnt like you in fargo and didnt like you here. It might just be me maybe seeing him as a stand up comic to much, but his acting delivery seems the same as his stand up. And his presence just doesn't transfer into drama horror or him being a tough guy. Was ok once but not theater or bluray worthy, it's a Netflix or cable watch film.

2/10: Spiraling down the drain I...
Friday, May 14, 2021

Spiraling down the drain I'm a massive saw fan. I've seen every saw movie multiple times. This was by far the most disappointing movie in the series. It has nothing that makes saw movies great. None of the traps were any creative really. The punishments for failing the traps weren't nearly as brutal as the previous films. The ending was one of the worst twists in the entire series and everyone I saw the movie with called it within the first 20 minutes of the film. There are also countless unanswered questions and none of them are the good kind. I'd rather be in a saw trap than watch this movie again.

3/10: where to begin? This was...
Tuesday, June 1, 2021

where to begin? This was such a slog to get through. Chris rock's acting was way over the top and he was not believable. In fact all of the acting was pretty awful. The story was nothing special. It's as though they didn't even try to create a decent story or characters with any depth. I can't forget the continuity errors that I caught while watching. They were so obvious and distracting. It is apparent to me that the film makers didn't care about making a quality film. I did like the moodiness and certain production values which is why I gave this a 3. Other than that, I do not recommend this film.

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