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The Suicide Squad (2021)


7/10: The Suicide Squad
Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The original Suicide Squad was a mixed bag but had its moments, spin-off Birds of Prey was much better, and this third instalment, only adding "The" to the title, was highly anticipated, written and directed by James Gunn (Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy). Basically, intelligence officer Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) recruits a team of Belle Reve penitentiary inmates to carry out a new suicide mission, threatened with bombs implanted in their heads if they go against orders, and with the promise of having their sentences reduced if successful. The team, led by Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), are sent to the South American island nation of Corto Maltese after its government is overthrown by an anti-American regime. They are tasked with destroying the Nazi-era laboratory Jötunheim where a secretive experiment known as "Project Starfish" is taking place. However, the team are ambushed by Corto Maltese military, resulting in the deaths of Brian Durlin aka Savant (Michael Rooker...

9/10: Great adaptation that redeems the true essence of these characters
Friday, September 17, 2021

SPOILERS**Back when Suicide Squad (2016) hit theaters I was elated to see a comic book film that is finally getting a movie adaptation and of all things, it was DC's Suicide Squad. What can go wrong with Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Katana, and Captain FREAKING Boomerang?? Well, a lot can go wrong with it. And not just go wrong. Terrible wrong. So wrong that I'm in the club that wants a directors cut to see what the actually vision could of been so I can change my mind on such a horribly plotted movie.Several years go by and now we get James Gunn's "The" Suicide Squad. And oh boy, was this a ride to remember. I loved the use of many villains as canon fodder, and the attention to detail that each character truly develops as the movie progressed. As far as negatives go I can touch up on a few along with the...

9/10: This is how a blockbuster is made
Saturday, August 7, 2021

Yeah, I get it. There are a lot of superhero movies. But saying there are too many is like saying there are too many slashers or comedies. It's a genre in and out of itself that can tell a variety of different stories. And nobody has done a better job of that than James Gunn, who started in the world of Troma and low budget horror like Slither before making Super and then taking over his own part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy.But let me tell you - this is basically a high budget low budget film with a heart and you'd be silly to skip it. What other movie would be audacious enough to - spoiler warning - kill more than half its cast including most of the names on the poster before the credits even begin?Where David Ayer's Suicide Squad was pretty much considered a fumble - I liked the Deadshot moments...

9/10: James Gunn Presents . . " HOMICIDE IS A MANY SPLENDOURED THING 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😅
Sunday, August 22, 2021

A -BIG- Screen -Micro- Review. Viewed August 16, 2021.High Points : 1. "PEACEMAKER" : The cheeky & sneaky', yet unequivocally -{ Bold, "Fresh", & Delicious }- narrative swipe at the long, long, long standing -Imperialist- tendencies ; but -even- more significantly, "Hypocricies & Triple Standards" . . . Of -PAST- United States Governments. 2. Simply-put : basically -"Everything"- the { Stunningly 💣💥❗} Talented Margot Robbie, ( 'Harley Quinn' ) does ; with an 'Extra-special' mention for her -protracted- "Escape From Coronel" fight scene. 3. Daniela Melchoir ( 'Ratcatcher-two' ) : This peculiarly endowed 'Anti-heroine' has a seiously -Bizarre- talent... but she, along with Idris Elba's 'Bloodsport', the just bespoke Margot's 'Harley' ( -and Others- ) ...end up bringing a whole lot of "Unexpected, & Genuine" -{ HEART }- to 'The Suicide Squad'.Mixed Feelings : As a 'doting' parent, I'm going to come clean and tell you that I had a definite problem with the fact that I really, really -{ DID }- enjoy this -Certifiably- { Decadent } "Bloodsoaked Goofy Adult Camp-Fest", and in no small measure either, at...

1/10: Everything wrong with the industry today
Friday, August 6, 2021

Man oh man. I don't even know where to begin. All I know is once I saw the cast for this movie, it was either going to be sneakily very good, or absolute garbage, and i'm sad to report it's the latter.First off, movie starts off with no kind of character building and just straight word vomit of exposition, versus the stylish ways they introduced us last iteration. And then first couple lines in, you can tell what kind of new age nonsense this was going to be, nowhere near the vein of any top superhero films. Or even strictly DC films lol.Tone, right off the bat felt super weird and try-hard. Almost as if James intentionally made a very bad mock version of Guardians of the Galaxy. A "blockbuster" movie with Pete Davidson and John Cena couldn't be destined for greatness imo, and I think I was right. Cast also seemed like...

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