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Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)


1/10: ALL HAIL THE KING Bow...
Tuesday, July 20, 2021

ALL HAIL THE KING Bow down, you are about to be brought before the KING. This movie is all about why you should love and praise LeBron. Forget about story telling, let's gather to witness the greatness that is LeBron. With a capitol G. This is a huge middle finger to the original Space Jam. Michael didn't have to shove his reputation down your throat because his reputation preceeded him. He's the best, that's it. LeBron tries to recreate that here artificially. He doesn't have the weight or presence that Michael had, so he's over compensating. Why make a second if it's not for story? Can Hollywood really profit off of such a failed story if they throw in some characters you know? Get ready for the commercial about LeBron that is space jam 2. Hollywood has become the employee that everyone hates because they hate their job and do barely enough to...

1/10: I just feel sorry for...
Monday, July 19, 2021

I just feel sorry for the actors WOW.... I had gone into this reading all of the reviews, saying this was a terrible movie. They were right. This was hands down the worst movie I had seen in a long time. LeBron, please promise the world this is the last movie you will ever be in. Nothing in this movie is believable. I really feel sorry for actors like Don Cheadle and Michael B. Jordan who somehow got roped into doing this snooze-fest. My guess is that they were fulfilling some clause in their contracts or just owed someone a favor, because no one in their right mind would have read this script and used it for anything other than toilet paper. I will leave you with my last thought, as I was going to rip apart all of the scenes, but I thought I would leave this as a no spoiler warning. Anyone over the age of 10...

1/10: Atrocious Disgrace The first Space...
Saturday, July 17, 2021

Atrocious Disgrace The first Space Jam was corny and goofy, but it had its own unique charm and a simple yet acceptable plot that made the involvement of Jordan and other NBA players make sense as much as a cartoon basketball game movie could.This however is straight trash. It feels like one part feeding Lebrons ego, one part nonsensical abysmal story, and ten parts promotional work for everything WB owns.The plot involving a computer algorithm as the main antagonist that somehow sucks LeBron and his kid into a server and then forced them to play the sons video game creation is the most half baked idea I ever heard. The acting by almost everyone involved is the furthest thing from believable possible. The whole thing is a lot of cgi flashy nonsense and nothing of real substance. This is just an embarrassment through and through.

2/10: Good animation but pretty lame...
Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Good animation but pretty lame movie. This movie was absolutely AMAZING at being lame. Movie had good animation and that's all so I'll give it that. The acting and lines were just bad. Actually it was horrible. No joke, even the Looney Toons acting was bad. How do you screw that up? Wasn't even funny. I seriously don't think I laughed once. The first Jam was WAY better and this was nothing like it. This movie is literally probably good for kids under 5 years old who laugh at anything and wouldn't notice the horrible acting and hack job they did on the Looney Toons. Not good enough for me to watch it again that's for sure. We watched for free on HBO Max, It's definitely not worth paying theater money for.

2/10: There is only one SpaceJam...
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

There is only one SpaceJam Whatta selfpromote pile of shiet is this for Warner Bros and Lebron.. There is a big reason why MJ got in the classic. Lebron is 3 leagues bellow so this have no sense.Also new generations have no idea what or who bugs bunny is or L tunes world is so this makes no sense at all.Long story short this is 2 hour Warner Bros and Lebron advertisement.Also this movie promote all wrong valiuables of todays world and i dont like it at all. Actually this is offense to the original movie and human brain.

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