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The Mask (1994)


9/10: One of my favorites in my DVD collection
Sunday, November 23, 2003

Remember back in the day with the hit TV show In Living Color had several stars, one of them being Jim Carrey. He was one goofy guy with crazy physical comedy routines that could get your stomach hurting from laughing so much. But could this man make it to the top and possibly bring in a number one movie at the box office? He did, with 1994's smash hit The Mask. I remember seeing this movie when I was 9 years old and being in the theater nearly dying of laughter. I wanted this movie so badly on VHS when it was released, my parents got it for me and I think I must have played it a few dozen times a day. Jim Carrey was like no comedian that I had seen with how crazy this guy would be and The Mask truly showcased his talents.Stanley Ipkiss, a clerk at an Edge City bank, is a shy...

10/10: One of the finest comedies ever
Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Mask has got to be one of the best comedies ever, everything here smells originality. If you've seen a Jim Carrey movie you know his style, he tends to overdo a little sometimes but he manages to stay funny, a lot of people don't like him because of all the weird stuff he throws in while acting, but this movie can change some minds about Carrey. The Mask follows the story of Stanley Ipkins, an average guy who finds an ancient Scandinavian mask, it contains within the Norse god Loki banished and imprisoned, now whoever puts on the mask gets possesses by the joker spirit of the god gaining incredible powers and the will to cause problems.In The Mask Carrey plays two characters, one is the more-than-regular Stanley Ipkins, who's a shy fan of cartoons and works at a bank, he's not good with the ladies and the world seems to conspire...

10/10: The Mask
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

When I was younger this used to be a fantastic family comedy film, and it still is. Basically Stanley Ipkiss (Golden Globe nominated Jim Carrey is the mild-mannered bank clerk working with best friend Charlie (Richard Jeni), and one day he meets and is instantly attracted to the beautiful Tina Carlyle (introducing Cameron Diaz). They see each other again (after he has been soaked) at the Coco Bongo Club, and it is on his way home that he discovers an ancient green wooden mask inhabited by the spirit of mischievous god, Loki. When he puts this mask on, he is transformed into a green faced uncontrollable wacky cartoony alter-ego superhero. When Tina eventually meets "The Mask", she is instantly attracted to him and has no idea it is Stanley. Meanwhile, Stanley has to deal with Lt. Mitch Kellaway (Peter Riegert) who has reason to believe Stanley is this "Mask". Eventually, Stanley has bigger problems when Tina's villainous...

10/10: A Favourite From My Childhood
Thursday, June 28, 2018

I'm writing this as I watch this film for what could be the hundredth time (or possibly more since I've been told that me and my friend used to ask to watch this every day, after school, when we were really little), and I just have to say that this will always be a favourite film of mine. Always. I think this must be the first film that I ever saw that starred Jim Carrey and since then, I've considered Carrey to be one of my favourite actors of all time (alongside Robin Williams). You can't help but love how wacky, and lovably quirky, he is in this film! I know that should I have kids in the future, I will definitely have to show them this film - who knows, they might even love it as much as I do!It's funny, crazy, hilarious, amazing, enjoyable, and seriously epic to watch! Favourite moments/scenes/quotes...

10/10: One of the greatest comedies I have ever seen
Friday, August 26, 2005

Actually, I saw The Mask by accident. I wet to the cinema with my friend to watch something. When we arrived at the cinema and saw the poster showing The Mask we did not feel like watching it. But as it was a long way home we decided to go and see the film. And we enjoyed the movie so much that we decided to go to see it next day again. The first time we watched it we did not catch everything as our eyes were flooded with tears of laugh and our bellies hurt form laugh cramps. The story is really catching and Jim Carry is simply fabulous. The plot makes you think what it would be like if you had the mask and what you would do with it. Stanley Ippkiss in his funny quest made me be happy with what I am and what I have. The Mask is undoubtedly one of my most favorite comedies...

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