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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)


7/10: Escape to Cape Town When...
Monday, July 5, 2021

Escape to Cape Town When the original film only cost $9m to make but raked in over $150m naturally Columbia Pictures created a sequel.Rarely is a sequel as good if not marginally better than the first incarnation, but this one is.You have 88 minutes to find a an exit from Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.If only more movie makers could tell their story in under 2 hours like Director Adam Robitel...the man behind both films.The sequel is set in New York, but actually filmed in Cape Town & Western Cape, South Africa.In this version of the story (which I feel is part of a trilogy) the six chosen players have all survived their own game against a faceless corporation...hence tournament of champions.Clearly the producers have a much bigger budget to work with than the original movie and aren't afraid to spend it on lavish Art Deco Banks with frickin' laser beams, Beach...

2/10: Poorly done You can really...
Sunday, July 18, 2021

Poorly done You can really tell they were not thinking when they made this movie, it is so bad lol it's barely watchable. At the very least Zoey is still all cute and cuddly but she's really not as smart as they portray her to be.If she was, she would have caught on to the obvious hints in her psych session or in the police station and she would not have gotten on a plane right after the incident. So... you have to wonder about her intelligence because they make her seem super smart yet she misses so much and even throughout the movie, it just seemed like she was a bit slow compared to the first movie.Straying off from Zoey, the rooms were poorly designed, with little to no hope for the players, compared to the rooms in the first game where they actually had time to survive and escape, where as here it's...

8/10: Fast paced, thrilling, and entertaining...
Friday, July 23, 2021

Fast paced, thrilling, and entertaining. 4 out of 5 stars.Escape Room continues where the first has left off. With the two leads trying to stop and expose this organization that is orchestrating illegal threatening escape rooms. The two leads are put into another set of escape rooms with new people. Which all have a connection of some kind. While they try to solve the mystery and escape.The plot is still a little shallow. Barely any motives behind the organization. Besides they get away with everything. There is a couple of twists. And the ending twist is kind of predictable which you can see coming.The cast is great. The action and thrills are exciting. The escape rooms are crazy and insane. The movie does move at a electrifying pace.

3/10: If you liked the first...
Thursday, July 8, 2021

If you liked the first one, youll like this I did not like the first one. The directing is serviceable but consists of far too many dutch angles. The performances are mediocre. The cinematography is fine with a few scenes with very good lighting. The writing of this film really tanks it. The dialogue is horrendous, the characters are unlikeable and i wanted all of them to do die. The story becomes more and more nonsensical, formulaic and tiring as the film went on. I liked one of the rooms, the rest were either forgettable or downright boring. The film tries way too gard to give tension to the audience without really knowing how to properly. Plus an atrocious ending makes this a very bad film that had potential.

7/10: Similar plot, but still a...
Friday, July 2, 2021

Similar plot, but still a simple one full of creativity and energy I like the pacing of this film, it's fast and doesn't drag with too much back story of other characters which doesn't help proceed the present time story. The production design is very creative, would never of thought of some of the ideas and layouts that I saw in the film. The plot is somewhat similar to the first film, but still it was an enjoyable story. The energy is high in this film, you can feel the intensity that the characters are feeling in certain situations, which makes the experience enjoyable, especially on the big screen. Overall, good sequel with creative use of production design.

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