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Never a Dull Moment (1967)

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<em>'Never a Dull Moment...
Friday, August 7, 2020

'Never a Dull Moment' is worth watching, even if it could've been much greater. First and foremost, Dick Van Dyke is very good in the role of Jack Albany. The film does have issues, but none of them are to do directly with Van Dyke - if anything, he is the thing stopping this from being bad; well, he and Edward G. Robinson (Leo). The premise is decent, though the way it's portrayed is what cheapens the film in my eyes. It's more silly than serious, which probably works against it. The same story taken more proper would be way more enjoyable in my opinion, still with comedy in it but just with a sterner side to it. It drags a tad at the end, nevertheless it's still a production I like.

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