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From Paris with Love (2010)


This is my second time...
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

This is my second time seeing this, first time since it was released on Blu-ray back when, and although it's not a great action-thriller and maybe under a more capable director could have been, but I still enjoyed it especially for John Travolta while John Rhsy-Meyers was a bit milk toast, though guess you need that type of person opposite Travolta. **3.5/5**

I just saw this movie...
Friday, June 12, 2020

I just saw this movie on Netflix. I usually really - and I mean _really_ like these French Canal+ co-production movies. But I guess this one is the exception to the rule. It starts of great and then it just gets... violent for no apparent reason; "I did it 4 the lulz" Don't get me wrong, I love guys with guns and all the violence that comes with it. But this seemed senseless. Or so it seemed. But that end (that last.... half hour?), that was unexpected. Never saw it coming.

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