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Men in Black II (2002)

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7/10: "Your attracted, she's not...
Monday, September 12, 2005

"Your attracted, she's not even my species & I'm attracted." Fun if somewhat familiar sequel. Men in Black II starts one dark New York City night, an intergalactic spacecraft crashes in Central Park, an alien life-form named Serleena emerges & takes the form of a underwear model (Lara Flynn Boyle), Serleena is looking for the powerful Light of Zarthar & heads straight for two-headed alien Charlie (Johnny Knoxville) who tipped her off about the Light being on Earth. Eventually the trail leads to an alien named Ben (Jack Kehler) who runs a pizza place who Serleena kills as witnessed by shop assistant Laura Vasquez (Rosario Dawson) who then comes into contact with the Men in Black as Agent Kay (Will Smith) & Agent Tee (Patrick Warburton) are sent to investigate. When it becomes clear that Serleena is after the Light of Zarthar the MIB boss Zed (Rip Torn) says only one person knows about the Light, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee...

7/10: "Men In Black 2" knows...
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Men In Black 2" knows to quit while it is ahead. Sequels, or the cinematic spawn of Hollywood blockbusters, constitute an entire film genre of their own. The best reunite the entire original cast and crew. Think of the "Lethal Weapon" epics. All the chief characters return in the best sequels. Remember "The Adams Family," "Beverly Hills Cop 2," or "Smokey and the Bandit 2?" Not only do the best sequels raise the emotional stakes, but also they feature an antagonist twice as savvy as the original foe. Look at the James Bond movies, the "Indiana Jones," "Evil Dead," and "Rambo" trilogies. The best sequels take you beyond the original. Consider the "Star Trek" series or the "Back To The Future" trilogy. The worst sequels recycle the original material without imagination. Remember "Beneath the Planet of the Apes," "Beyond the Poseidon Adventure," or "Crocodile Dundee 2?" The worse sequels jettison main characters for lame excuses. Chris Tucker's absence in...

6/10: A pretty decent sequel Five...
Saturday, February 27, 2016

A pretty decent sequel Five years after the original Oscar-winning "Men in Black", the story continues and the two main protagonists are played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones with Barry Sonnenfeld reprising his position as director. The main antagonist is played by Lara Flynn Boyle this time, a mean tentacle lady, while the good girl is portrayed by Rosario Dawson. About Flynn Boyle, she is fine for the most part, even if she is not as great and memorable as D'Onofrio in the first one. Rosario Dawson felt really forgettable to me. She is basically a non-character throughout the entire film until the great revelation in the end. But it's really more the fault how the character was written and not Dawson's acting.I have a bit of a problem with the fact that they brought back TLJ's character here as a co-lead as it puts a bit of a question...

7/10: Jay and Kay are back...
Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jay and Kay are back to save the world again Five years on from the events in 'Men in Black' Agent Jay is an experienced agent who is no longer shocked by the assorted aliens that have made the world their home and Agent Kay is working in a post office totally oblivious to his past life. That is about to change though; Serleena, a shapeshifting alien who has taken the appearance of an underwear model, has arrived on Earth looking for Light of Zartha of course if she were to get it would be disastrous for Earth. The only agent who knows anything about the Light of Zartha is Kay so Jay must bring him back to MiB so he can be deneuralised, unfortunately Serleena and her associate head there too and manage to take over the facility; Kay will have to go somewhere else to get his memory back. That done he and Kay set about finding the...

4/10: Men in Black II I...
Thursday, June 23, 2005

Men in Black II I have said a couple of times that there are some films that do not need sequels, or at least could be made better, and this is one of them. Basically another alien being has landed on on Earth, Serleena (Lara Flynn Boyle), and plans to take over the planet. Agent J/Jay (Will Smith) is obviously assigned, but the one who knows the most about Serleena wants has had his memory wiped, Agent K/Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), or rather Kevin Brown. So J obviously takes him back to the Men in Black (MIB) to get him back in order to defeat Serleena. In ways, it's pretty much K becoming a member of MIB instead of J, like in the first film. Also starring Rip Torn as Zed, Jackass's Johnny Knoxville as Scrad/Charlie, Rosario Dawson as Laura Vasquez, Tony Shalhoub as Jack Jeebs, The Emperor's New Groove's Patrick Warburton as...

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