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The Forgotten (2004)


Love vs. cold analytical thought...
Friday, June 5, 2020

Love vs. cold analytical thought RELEASED IN 2004 and directed by Joseph Ruben, "The Forgotten" relays the story of Telly (Julianne Moore), a mother who discovers all traces of her deceased 9 year-old son have been erased, including photos, videos, documents and the memories of other people. Her psychologist (Gary Sinise) and husband tell her she's delusional, but she KNOWS otherwise. Thus begins a thrilling search for the truth wherein she teams-up with Ash (Dominic West) and tangles with NSA agents and more. The reviews to “The Forgotten” couldn't be more opposite, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since some of the best artistic items polarize opinion. The film admittedly has weaknesses and those who don’t like it zero-in on these flaws. In style, it is similar to "The Mothman Prophesies" (2002), but not as good, intricate or artistic. There are similarities to The X-Files with the two protagonists, one being a...

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