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Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936)

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9/10: Selznick International Pictures Takes Off...
Sunday, January 3, 2010

Selznick International Pictures Takes Off First Class In 1880s Brooklyn, prissy Freddie Bartholomew (as Cedric "Ceddie" Erroll) celebrates his birthday by receiving a beautiful "highwheeler" from widowed mother Dolores Costello (as "Dearest" Erroll). When young Mr. Bartholomew takes the bicycle out for a ride, he is roughed-up by local bullies. But, Bartholomew fights back; and, he receives help from a swell pal, shoeshine boy Mickey Rooney (as Dick Tipton).Dusting themselves off, the lads listen to grocer Guy Kibbee (as Silas Hobbs) rail against "British aristocracy," after learning of their arrival in town. The British are coming, ironically, to take Bartholomew home to England. As it turns out, Ms. Costello's once denounced late husband fathered the only heir to the title "Little Lord Fauntleroy". And, Bartholomew must prepare to inherit grandfather C. Aubrey Smith's Earlship.In England, young Bartholomew (representing American idealism) clashes with gruff Earl Smith (representing British aristocracy). While that storyline reaches an obvious conclusion...

7/10: The vintage adaptation of the...
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The vintage adaptation of the famous novel with two sensational boys , Bartholomew and Rooney 1880 , Brooklyn , New York , a poor and fatherless boy (Freddie Bartholomew) is living with his mum (Dolores Costello). A sender (Henry Stephenson) communicate them which he turns out to be the only state heir to the earl of Dorincourt (Sir C. Aubrey Smith) . He then leaves his friends (Mickey Rooney and Guy Kibbee) and set out for England as the long-lost heir to his grandpa and a British dukedom . But the grandfather is a grumpy and crusty nobleman and the problems are always cropping up . Then , little Lord Fauntleroy must try to overcome the cold and grouchy lord .Classic and the best version based on known novel by Frances Burnett with elitist and sincere interpretations from Bartholomew , Aubrey Smith , Rooney , enough to make the creaky ancient tale actually works . Freddie Bartholomew had starred ¨Anna Karenina¨ and ¨David Copperfield¨ but his greatest success resulted out to...

8/10: Expert rendering of a classic...
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Expert rendering of a classic sentimental tale... Freddie Bartholomew, the little British lad with the face of an angel and a sweet disposition, is the title character in this classic David O. Selznick version of the famous story. He steals your heart as he plays wonderfully touching scenes with C. Aubrey Smith whereby his character charms the gruff old man and softens his heart forever.The plot has Smith resenting the lad because he thinks so little of the boy's mother, through a misunderstanding of her true character. All of these things are swept aside by the time the story reaches its conclusion, with boy, mother and grandfather all reunited for a happy ending.I have to say that C. Aubrey Smith, the venerable old actor who stole scenes in many a British film, is at his finest in this particular role. Using his bushy eyebrows and monocle for great effect, his expressions of anger, joy, surprise or stern...

7/10: An excellent adaptation, a bit...
Friday, May 5, 2006

An excellent adaptation, a bit too sentimental, but. . . ah well. John Cromwell gets a lot of credit for this Selznick Studio release. It is only the second time (at that time) the story had been filmed. The first was a poor silent version. Although Cromwell could have developed the story a bit more, it is well cast. Bartholomew is excellent as young Cedrick and Smith is fine as the crusty old Earl who learns to love his grandson, additionally Rooney as Dick the bootblack, and Kibbee as storekeeper Hobbs are also outstanding.Although heavy with sentimentality, Cromwell has done an excellent job of cutting out all the terrible wordiness of the novel. (Burnett writes as though she is being paid by the word and puts in way to many adjectives.) The story is well told and the scenic effects are good for their time. Unfortunately the film has not aged well and some scenes have darkened with time. Perhaps an...

10/10: Freddie is such a doll...
Sunday, November 3, 2019

Freddie is such a doll Freddie Bartholomew is such a doll! It sure is a head-scratcher why he never received a Juvenile Oscar, but here at the Rag, we were proud to give him two Juvenile Rags in 1935 and 1936. With his adorable mannerisms and sweet innocent style of speech, he was perfectly cast in Little Lord Fauntleroy, a delightful classic.Freddie lives with his mother Dolores Costello in a poor area of New York City. He has poor friends, Mickey Rooney, Jessie Ralph, and Guy Kibbee, but when he learns he's the heir to Earl C. Aubrey Smith, he's swept away to England and to a new world. There are so many sweet scenes in this movie, it's hard to pick one to describe, but one of my favorites is immediately following the news of his good fortune. He asks his benefactor, Henry Stephenson, for a small sum of money before he leaves America...

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