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Air Force One (1997)

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1/10: Et tu, Wolfgang? Normally, I...
Sunday, September 21, 2003

Et tu, Wolfgang? Normally, I never bother going to the movies to see flicks of this type; hell, why should I as it is obvious that they'll appear on TV sooner or later. Come to think of it, I had to wait 6 years to see this...What we have here is a Petersen movie. Das Boot, In The Line Of Fire, anybody? Piloted by a heavyweight cast of Hollywood stars including Ford, Close, Oldman, etc., etc. I mean, you cannot go wrong with that lineup? ...or can you?Yes! After having watched ~30 minutes of this, I was struck by the sinister urge of writing the most abusive review ever. Folks - this is a movie from the year 1997, A.D. Anachronism of this sort belongs to the 70s/80s, not to the nineties; the worst kind of clich├ęs and stereotypes displayed here instantly force you to recall flicks such as Red Heat, Rocky IV, the Bond movies...

6/10: It is what it is...
Monday, March 7, 2005

It is what it is......fun Nonstop action, thrilling suspense, dark humor, and a brilliant concept, this flag waving over the top action adventure was a good two hours in 1997.The story: Enroute back to the States from Russia, Russian Nationals hijack the President's plane and hold him and his family (as well as most of his staff) hostage aboard Air Force One in order to release a Rouge General captured earlier.Harrison Ford from his first minute to his last looks comfortable in his Presidential role. That's to say, Ford appears, acts and just plain feels like he should be President. (Come one who saw this movie and wanted him to run). Gary Oldman's performance as the main villain (Ivan) should be up there with the likes of Alan Rickman's Hans from Die Hard and John Malkovich's Leary-Booth-Carney from In the Line of Fire (coincidentally directed by Wolfgang Peterson as well...

1/10: Brilliant comedy, crappiest action movie...
Friday, October 11, 2002

Brilliant comedy, crappiest action movie The times of the cold war have gone a long time ago, so why chew on this subject in the very end of the 20th century? Some people seem to be unaware of this fact. What surprises us is that among these people are actors that are famous and respected in the whole world, and also that this horrible movie has eaten so much money and it's being sold as an action movie. This movie is the reincarnation of Rocky III (& alike movies from the cold war era) idea, where Rocky (Stallone) was chasing enemy tanks on a horse :) Harrison Ford is a good actor, but they forgot to warn him that this movie is a joke, and he took it too seriously - which makes him look ridiculous. (Maybe it would have been a good idea to invite Eddie Murphy instead?). It's understood that some Americans would like to see Indiana Jones (or...

3/10: Come back, Jack Ryan! Below...
Monday, September 11, 2000

Come back, Jack Ryan! Below average hostage/hijacking/political thriller.Looking at the cast, one would expect this movie to be worthy of one's time. Harrison Ford, Gary Oldham, William H. Macy, Dean Stockwell, Glenn Close - names that should amount to a watch-worthy experience. However, the movie falls short on all accounts.Warning: This comment contains minor spoilers.A poor man's version of the Jack Ryan series. Harrison Ford plays the role of president Marshall, on board the USAF1 which gets hijacked by Kazakh terrorists. Having recently given a speech on his new Just Say No-politics towards terrorists, negotiations appear to be out of the question. Not all of his government and staff agree on this, however.This could have made an interesting movie. The tension in the White House, when faced with the fact that it is the country's leader who is taken hostage, combined with the political intrigues that arise in such a...

1/10: Air Farce Number One This...
Sunday, February 12, 2006

Air Farce Number One This movie is intriguing in that it actually presages some of the terrorism realized in the tragedy of 9/11.That said, the film is mortally flawed with stupid and ridiculous contrivances that make is more of a comic book yarn than having the sophistication of, say, a Tom Clancy novel.High on the "oh come on get real!" factor: 1. Any White House PressSecretary would be far too astute to let a self-describe TV journalist on Air Force One (AF1). The very first thing they would do is check the reporter's credentials and publication/broadcast record.2. The spectacle of a 747 jumbo jet careering through an airport on an aborted landing is simply light-years beyond absurd.3. Why would AF1 have a stash of enough assault rifles to take over a small country? And, with all the gunplay in the passenger cabin there's not one bullet hole in the fuselage...

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