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In the Line of Fire (1993)


7/10: One of the more intelligent political thrillers of the nineties
Friday, December 29, 2006

In the cinema, as in most areas of life, one occasionally comes across some strange coincidences. Two years after "Dances with Wolves", one of the two great Westerns of the early nineties, Kevin Costner, its director and star, appeared in "The Bodyguard", a film about a former Secret Service agent named Frank who is haunted by guilt following the assassination attempt on President Reagan and who now has to try and prevent another assassination. A year after the other great Western of the early nineties, "Unforgiven", its director and star Clint Eastwood appeared in "In the Line of Fire", a film about a Secret Service agent named Frank who is haunted by guilt following the assassination of President Kennedy and who now has to try and prevent another assassination.There are, of course, differences between the two films. In "The Bodyguard" Costner's character, Frank Farmer, has left the Secret Service and now works as a private bodyguard for a...

8/10: Haunted Horrigan Seeks Redemption
Sunday, October 12, 2014

In The Line Of Fire" is a real crowd-pleaser that contains plenty of action, suspense and humour but also distinguishes itself from most similar thrillers because of its engaging plot, its well fleshed-out characters and its excellent dialogue. Its greatest asset, however, is its totally deranged villain who plans to assassinate the President. His dual with a tough but vulnerable secret service agent is at the heart of virtually everything that happens and provides the movie with much of its impetus as well as some interesting insights into the psychological preoccupations of the two men.Veteran secret service agent Frank Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) is haunted by the memory of the day in November 1963 when he was guarding President Kennedy but failed to save him from being assassinated. That incident left him doubting whether he had the courage needed to risk his own life to save the President's and the guilt that he'd suffered since led...

5/10: strictly average
Saturday, December 1, 2007

In The Line Of Fire' is a film that sounds better than it really is. It has all the prerequisites for an exciting thriller- an oddball assassin planning to kill the President, a Secret Service agent determined to stop him, a long cat & mouse game between them, a beautiful woman the agent has an affair with... all tried and true plot devices. The Secret Service agent, Frank Horrigan, is a hard-headed loner, the last surviving member of the detail that guarded John Kennedy when he was shot and killed. All these potentially exciting elements never really come together, and the film has a cut-and-dried, paint-by-the-numbers feel to it. The various subplots come across as clich├ęd; for instance, we instinctively know, early on, that Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) will fall out of favor with his superiors. We know he and the beautiful Secret Service agent Lily Raines (Rene Russo), even though she apparently can't stand...

3/10: In the line of fire misses the mark
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As much as I like Clint Eastwood I have to say this was not his finest hour. This film was filled with way too many mistakes that also took one too many liberties with the facts. Clint Eastwood plays Frank Harrigan a Secret Service agent that at one time was assigned to protect President Kennedy. When President Kennedy was assassinated frank felt he did not do his duty by protecting the President and has carried the guilt ever since. Now 30 years have passed and Frank Harrigan is still a Secret Service agent again assigned to protect the President, and this time he will not make the same mistakes. Here is the first problem I have with this film. Frank had a lot of health problems being an old man now, and at one point while running along the President's Limo he can be seen coughing and gagging barely able to keep up. Now do you really think that...

7/10: Malkovich makes this an above-average thriller
Thursday, October 18, 2007

In The Line Of Fire' tells the story of the game between an old presidential bodyguard and a former-government assassin turned psycho. The secret service agent/bodyguard (Eastwood) is on defense and the assassin (Malkovich)is on offense. The stakes? The president's live.I really like this movie...I've seen it numerous times on TV and have recently bought it on DVD. Yet, it's not an excellent movie. The plot is way too thin and the attempts to thicken it are downright ridiculous. The whole love-story isn't very plausible and the way they brought an extra character into the story, just to be able to kill it off is kind of insulting to the more or less intelligent viewer. Though I feel these mistakes can't be forgiven, I can easily look past them to Mr. Malkovich exquisite performance. I've always deemed him to be a great actor but in this movie he...

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