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16 Blocks (2006)


Iffy at times, but <em...
Friday, September 4, 2020

Iffy at times, but '16 Blocks' produces a fine enough thriller - one that I can say I enjoyed. Bruce Willis and Mos Def double up well as Jack and Eddie. I particularly like Willis' look for the majority of the film, he genuinely looks how his character supposedly is - good acting, but also some nice make-up etc. Mos Def is solid, I remember liking him when he appeared on 'Dexter' - I rate him less here, just because of the annoying voice he has; which grates hard at times. Speaking of that Showtime television show, Angel Batista himself (David Zayas) also appears which is cool. David Morse, meanwhile, makes for an OK villain - the casting perhaps could've been greater for the antagonist, mind. None of the plot is all that shocking or surprising, every crossroad that appears is pretty simple to predict where it's heading. Also, maybe I'm the only one who felt...

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