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King of the Corner (2004)

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9/10: beautiful-just beautiful
Saturday, April 1, 2006

SPOILERS THROUGH:I just recently saw this film and found it to be absolutely outstanding. In fact it's so outstanding that I am recommending it all over the place to everyone I know. I loved this movie and hope anyone stumbling on this review, who has not seen it, will check it out.The plot's been gone over many many times but just briefly... the story centers on a middle aged man named Leo played by Peter Riegert. He is at a crossroads in his life and everything seems to be going wrong.He's having problems in his marriage, at work, with his father and with his rebellious daughter.Kking Of The Corner, essentially is about life. Or maybe it's not just about life, it's about those little obstacles life throws at us. Leo is just an ordinary guy but he is instantly recognizable and much loved. We root for him from the beginning and...

7/10: Stunning
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is a profoundly difficult film. A very strange thing. Ninety percent drivel, technical incompetence, and horrid writing and acting ... and 10% genius.It's weird. I first tried to sit through this thing MORE THAN ELEVEN YEARS AGO. I hated it. It made me so angry. The over-acting. The technical glitches (shots out-of-focus, weird lighting) and the illogic throughout - both of the "nobody would ever behave or react that way" variety as well as the "how could she hear what her father's saying when she's so far away and he's speaking in a quiet voice, and we can only hear her reply because she's shouting?" variety.I hated Riegert. I hated the wife. I hated the daughter. I hated the story. The acting. The editing. Everything about it.And then, more than eleven years later, I forced myself to finish it. Out of spite, I guess. I don't know. It's...

8/10: A bittersweet comedy that deserves a wider audience
Sunday, April 17, 2005

First comment: People, don't forget to submit a vote with your review! I'm reading the reviews and most are excellent, and I'm wondering why the overall rating is only a 6.3. Then I see a lot of excellent reviews with NO VOTE! I assume these are counted as ZEROs in the rating.REVIEW - I saw this movie at the Philadelphia Film Festival on 4/16/2004. I thought it was very good - both sad and funny. My favorite part was the interaction between the main character, Leo (Peter Riegert) and his father (Eli Wallach). Eric Bogosian was also very funny as the rabbi. And although her part was small, it was worth seeing how great Rita Moreno looked - Wow, she looks amazing! She made Isabella Rossellini look like a haggard old frump. The daughter was nothing special, and the weakest link was the up and coming business hot shot played by Jake Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman's...

9/10: Making the life of an average man interesting
Wednesday, November 3, 2004

I had the pleasure of seeing this film this past week (before it's official release) as Mr. Riegert screened it at Pitt college. This film is about an ordinary man (Leo) and the problems he faces. Mr. Riegert managed to tell this story in a way to make it interesting. Some may find the beginning of the film to be slow, but as the movie goes on the audience can't help but become pulled into the life of Leo. Some of the problems Leo faces are common, letting the audience relate. Almost everybody can pick up something different from this film, and it has something people of all ages can relate to, I myself am 17 and found things in the movie that do reflect life as I know it. The theater was filled with people as young as myself to the elderly, everybody able to get something different out of the movie and it's characters. The...

7/10: About Spivak
Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Main character Leo Spivak (Peter Riegert) is having a mid-life crisis in 'King of the Corner" a movie adapted from Gerald Shapiro's book, "Bad Jews and Other Stories." His ennui-ridden life seems lifted from "About Schmidt" and "Glengarry Glen Ross." Now an aging salesman teetering on the tightrope of corporate America - Spivak momentarily looks down. His life tumbles into a free fall after that- His young pup sales trainee (played aptly by Jake Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman's son) nips at his heels. He and his wife (Isabella Rossellini) are no longer carnally or emotionally engaged. His teenage daughter doesn't respect him and his cantankerous old dad (Eli Wallach) delights in poking holes in his already cellophane-thin self-esteem. Leo doesn't buy a red sports car to support his trussed-up emotions- he has an affair and scratches the surface of a proverbial seven-year-itch. There isn't enough Goldbond Medicated Powder to salve...

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