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Con Air (1997)

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9/10: A breath taking action classic...
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A breath taking action classic Con Air is one of those movies for me that I am certain when I first saw it...it was a ten. A huge flat out ten. It has incredible performances, tons of action, a great story, incredible actors and memorable moments for an action film. It is in a league of its own in the genre and could be considered an action "epic." Now I have seen the film dozens of times and I'm entertained by it every time but eventually it does have to wear thin so its dropped down a tiny peg for me and now sits comfortable forever with a solid 9. Con Air is perfect in its simplistic concept. A war hero accidentally kills a man defending himself and his wife, spends many years in prison and when he is moments from being released he inadvertently ends up being the last hope in stopping a group of terrifying ruthless...

10/10: The most realistic movie ever...
Sunday, October 4, 2020

The most realistic movie ever The movie begins in Mobile Alabama which is known for its numerous travel by waterway. Cameron Poe steps off a boat outside a bar to meet his obviously pregnant wife Tricia with six pack abs and three men harass and then attempt to rape Tricia. A fight breaks out between the three assailants and Cameron. One pulls a knife and Cameron kills him in self defense. His lawyer FIGHTS to prove Poe's innocence by using the bold strategy of having Poe who's justified and had his own wife as a witness to this attack and sexual assault plead guilty just to make sure Poe doesn't do a long sentence. The judge takes mercy on Poe since he's a army ranger and gives him 10 years. Poe is sent to San Quentin Prison in California because that's where people from Alabama do hard time. Poe is paroled by I'm assuming...

7/10: The mad mad mad mad...
Monday, August 29, 2005

The mad mad mad mad world of violence While not as clever or amusing as _The Rock_, which this was apparently an effort to surpass, it certainly delivers the pyrotechnics. Cage, as always, delivers the best performance he can, given the confines of the script, and his best _Raising Arizona_ drawl.The film's beginning sets a hopeful tone, we see the honorable Cage unjustly imprisoned and preparing to return to his home and the child he has never seen. Meanwhile, the penal system is filling the transport plane which will take Cage to freedom with a cast of the worst criminal psychos behind bars. There is an odd parallel to the beginning of _Stagecoach_ as the plane is loaded with the case of miscreants and a cursory description is given of each criminal. The film has a weakness for hyperbole, each character introduction, each scene, each explosion is meant to top the one before it.Fortunately, the film does...

10/10: Prisoners take over an airplane...
Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Prisoners take over an airplane...and it's up to Cage and Cusack to save innocent lives... Here's my chance to defend my choice of this movie as my all time favorite. John Malkovich plays the ingenious leader of a group of cons who manage to take over a federal airplane during a prisoner transfer. Nic Cage is a good guy, a prisoner who's being flown out to be released. He's got to save the day, because his friend is on board, along with several innocent prison guards. Thwarted at every turn, John Cusack plays a federal marshal who sees Cage as his chance to save the innocent people on board. Jam-packed with one liners and various other lengthier bits of humor, this movie has it all: drama, action, love story, loyalty to friends, and honor. Steve Buscemi and David Chappelle have some of the funniest lines I've ever encountered in a movie and this...

7/10: Thankyou For Choosing Con Air...
Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thankyou For Choosing Con Air... Con Air is just simply mindless entertainment! The script is full of hard-as-nails characters, each nicely developed to melodramatic point, with Nicholas Cage's con the moral centre. The only exception probably being Steve Buscemi's Ed Gein-esquire Garland Green who offers a slight variation on what we come to expect as your typical lifer con! O.K, so the plot does have a few holes that need filing and the whole thing is pretty unoriginal but the ridiculousness of the premise does call for some suspension of disbelief. It may have been best played tongue-in-cheek but the great-one liners, insane situations, brilliant staged, if overblown action sequences and a great guitar score by Trevor Rabin, still make for a white-knuckle two hours.7/10

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