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The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)


7/10: Another Kind of Evil
Friday, June 18, 2004

In the prologue of "The Chronicles of Riddick", Dame Judi Dench as Aereon, leader of the Elemental race, declares that to battle great evil sometimes requires "another kind of evil". That "evil" she speaks of would be Riddick, played by Vin Diesel. Perhaps Riddick (Diesel) is another kind of evil. Although he seems more the classic rogue warrior, beholding to none, who eventually transcends to an avatar. He becomes the chosen one in a battle between good and evil-- a battle that initially was never his nor did have any stake in it. David Towhy's "Chronicles of Riddick", which follows the main character of his "Pitch Black", is very unwieldy, needlessly convoluted, and ambitious in scale and scope. That being said, I enjoyed the movie largely because of Vin Diesel, and the appeal of the character Riddick. Here is the deal. The Elementals are some kind of ethereal guardian race, who follow some sort of doctrine of non-intervention...

10/10: You need to read this
Friday, April 15, 2005

First off, I'm going to say this: I loved this movie, but this movie was slugged by the press, and for whatever reason, people were listening to the critics, and not going to see it, or for that matter, giving this movie a fair chance at the box-office. I think people listen to the critics too much these days, and that's really sad, because so many good movies have never gotten their fair share of recognition over the years. Anyways, this movie had many things that Sci-Fi movies are lacking these days....originality. The Crematoria concept was brilliant, Helion-Prime, all that stuff was great. The back story was also very thorough and entertaining, so what's the problem? Also, I heard a lot of people were bitching about the ending....IT'S MEANT TO BE A TRILOGY PEOPLE!!!! Of course they won't spill everything right away, it's meant to be told over two...

10/10: 6.4
Thursday, December 16, 2010

I don't get the score on IMDb, I understand sci fi is not every once cup of tea, but this film has no real flaws. Great cast, fantastic decor, story line, lots of action and so on. So where did the score of 6.4 come from? I tend to give most films of any type a go, based on the points pointed out why this film is great, no matter if it is action, drama, horror and so on. I gave this film a 10 as I just can't fault it, and after not seeing it for some time, and to be captured again by this master piece, is not something I come across that often in the world of crap films. If I would watch a type of film thats not something I would go for, but it is directed well, great cast as points made before, would I score the film so low as with...

10/10: One of my favourite movies
Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What can i say? badass character, plenty of content, a whole universe to explore. As a vin diesel movie this has got to be one of the best. No need to compare it to 'Pitch Black', Like Frasier in 'Cheers', Pitch black introduces the character and is a completely different movie in it's own right. (Although i do prefer chronicles)If you are looking for plenty of sci-fi, some cheesy lines, action and a pretty good watch, look no further you have found your movie. The only thing i wish was different was that the sequal 'Riddick' was more like the chronicles of riddick and continued to explore his universe rather than going back to a pitch black esque cinematic. Characters are meant to move forward and develop, not to go back a few steps because it was great the first time

10/10: Surprisingly Good
Sunday, May 8, 2005

WOW! What a surprise! A very well thought-out plot, excellent character development, immersive sets, and special effects that melt into the fabric of the movie so well, they all but disappear. I was not expecting to be absolutely glued to the screen when I first sat down to watch this movie, but I was. It pulls you in like a roller coaster ride, and doesn't let you off, until the ride is over. A performance from Vin Disel, that is arguably his best ever, not to mention he was also a producer of this movie. My compliments to your ability to recognize a good story, and to bring it to such life.This one is on my library list. My only regret was that I did not see it in a theatre. I hesitate to call this art, but it has been a long time since a movie has entertained me so much

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