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Pitch Black (2000)


10/10: A great character-driven, action packed Sci-Fi movie
Friday, January 28, 2005

Pitch Black" was a complete shock to me when I first saw it back in 2000. In the previous years, I was repeatedly disappointed by all the lame sci-fi movies (Ex: STARSHIP TROOPERS) and thought that this movie wouldn't be any different. But to plainly put it: This movie freaked me out... in a good way. I wasn't aware that I was still afraid of the dark till I watched this movie; I must have buried my fear in the back of my subconscious when I was a kid and it rightfully deserves to stay there.The alien creatures sent shivers up my spine; the individual(s) who designed them have a twisted but brilliant and creative imagination to come up with something so impressive and grotesque. I loved how the writers gave each main character a history and showed their flaws and strengths without much confusion.Riddick's (Vin Diesel) gift for escaping out of any...

8/10: Surprisingly fun
Saturday, September 27, 2003

I must say that I didn't expect much sitting down to watch "Pitch Black," but I got a lot back, in terms of excitement and pure fun. It's the type of flick where you can just lean back, relax, and have a great time just being entertained. This isn't a deep film by any means. Everything that it offers is either recycled or ripped off of other movies such as "Alien," "Predator" or such. But when I watch a rip-off, I want it to be good, and this rip-off is great. It opens with a galaxy of stars. Some of the greatest films of all time open with this type of scene - "2001," "Star Wars," "Alien," "Predator." A ship is cruising through space when inside the entire cryogenically frozen crew is awoken. The ship has been hit by something. They crash land on a nasty little planet with three suns. Everyone flocks out of the...

10/10: Complex, detailed and immensely satisfying film
Tuesday, June 6, 2000

This is without doubt the most exciting and satisfying film I've seen in years! The plot seen in print is almost banal- a ship crashes on a desert planet with three suns, the survivors have to adjust to the landscape and each other, then darkness falls and the monsters appear. Pilot Fry, after a moment of cowardice during the descent through the atmosphere when she almost jettisoned the passengers, takes charge of the group and enlists the help of convicted murderer Riddick to lead them through the darkness to the escape ship - he's the one with surgically enhanced eyes that can see in the dark. But it's really not that simple - every character is complex, three-dimensional, with conflicting traits so you never quite know who's good and who's bad.The performances are uniformly superb - Radha Mitchell shows Fry steeling herself for leadership, overcoming her own fears, and trying to prevent further bloodshed, while Cole...

8/10: Should be a part of every Sci-Fi collection
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love this movie. I agree with some other comments that this is simply a tried and true story, but it's done very well. Lighting is fun, especially in the beginning with the use of the blue/yellow suns, and of course the Predator-esquire look through Riddick's eyes, or the aliens' eyes once in awhile adds to the life of the movie. Special effects aren't mind blowing, but they do suffice nicely. Vin Diesel isn't a great actor, but unlike most other muscular bad-boy types, he's not terrible either, and he plays his character pretty well.Overall, the only thing the plot really lacks is some extra development. Characters have lots of different personalities, but I think I could stand to see more of their quirks, so that I became a touch more invested in them before they all die off. I also think its too convenient that the same day they are...

10/10: The next Alien
Sunday, February 20, 2000

From the first 10 seconds of Pitch Black I was hooked. I had walked into this movie thinking that it would be just another cheesy sci-fi movie. Instead I found a highly entertaining, on the edge of your seat, thought provoking action film. The movie goes beyond your basic special effects flick. The actors are amazing, Radah Mitchell (High Art, Love and other..) as Fry is truly a joy to watch on screen, while Vin Diesel as Riddeck is so captivating that you are dying just to hear him speak again.The look of the movie is breath taking, the contrast of blues, yellows and oranges due to the three different suns is amazing. Followed by the complete darkness of nightfall. I would truly recommend any lover of the ALIEN movies or Radha Mitchell (which is why I went to see it) to check out this film. I'm sure by the end you'll look at the dark...

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