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Mistress America (2015)


> A sudden sparkling change in...
Sunday, June 7, 2020

> A sudden sparkling change in a moody life. The second collaboration between the director and Greta Gerwig. I just love their works, together they write awesome story and create a cinematic magic. Kind of rare filmmakers, only a very few from the past to compare these two to them. It was another quirky comedy, especially if you liked 'Frances Ha' you would like this as well. I hope they would come for the third time to complete 'An Untalented Girl from NYC' trilogy. It was not as good as the previous film, but nothing short of awesome entertainment. I am surprised a few of those who liked that movie did not favour it. I knew it would be a chick comedy, accordingly, I was not expecting beyond that. But like all the time when I decide to watch a movie, I wanted it to be a better entertainer than the one I saw in the earlier. That's what everyone...

Mistress America is a good...
Sunday, June 7, 2020

Mistress America is a good depict of that character which is like a bonfire (using the same words Tracy use at the end of the picture), which attracts insects with its light only to be burnt and which brights strong to be completely consumed. Only paying attention to itself and putting all the world in accordance to its needs. The script is brilliant and the cast is well chosen and performs well. However, this story around this character and around the starting of adulthood and chasing of dreams is not really appealing to me. Somehow boring ...

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