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We, The Marines (2017)

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Movie Cast


6/10: A fine tool in the...
Thursday, August 30, 2018

A fine tool in the Marine Corps recruiting tool box First, read the headline: this is a recruiting tool, for sure. This piece really seems like something the recruiters would play for the local High School auditorium full of kids and leave 20 minutes for questions. Or something they would show parents to give them an idea what their son or daughter might be going through in their next four years of their Marine Corps career. As a documentary piece, this is a very fine program. The shots are fantastic, with a mix of traditional documentary style shots and drone footage. Kudos to the cinematographers and editors because they seem to have carried the majority of the weight in this program. It also makes me wonder if they used the Marine Corps combat camera units in their video team. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.Gene Hackman is enthusiastic and seems very connected to the script. He delivers...

1/10: No! I'm a former...
Saturday, July 28, 2018

No! I'm a former Marine and film maker. This was cheaply done and it makes sense that people would say this is a recruitment doc. The shots were great. The "recruits" were not conveying the pain and struggles of boot camp. It seemed like they were actors. what pissed me off the most was that they were using sound files in the background that did not match the clip , and in one of those sound files I looked up the close caption and the drill instructor said "what are you doing soldier?" if you were in the Marines you know damn well we don't call each other soldier, which I assumed meant they used a sound file from a totally different project. Army; soldier , marines; Marines . Among other things Gene Hackman was talking about certain types of training in Boot Camp, while showing a video clip of the silent drill team training. We do not train for the...

10/10: So much "WOW" packed in...
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

So much "WOW" packed in to a short documentary Made for an IMAX theater, "We, The Marines" is arguably the most fun and excitement you'll ever see in one sitting. From the musical soundtrack to the camera angles, to the up-close, in-your-face action, you don't simply watch this movie in an IMAX theater, you LIVE IT!Having served in the Marines, this movie brought back some of my life's best memories, while also showing me how much has changed in the Corps since I left. From the opening scenes to the end credits, this was the most entertaining file I have seen in a long time; and worth every penny I paid for admission.This film will leave you in awe. It will inspire you. There will be a couple of laughs, and yes, even a tear or two, if you let it. If this film ever goes to Blu Ray, I will definitely...

5/10: Why the low score.... maybe...
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why the low score.... maybe because... I'm a fan of the military and enjoy a good movie be it fictional or not... historical documentaries and anything related to battles, wars or people fascinate me! Saying all that I found this documentary short hard to watch.... nothing wrong with the filming or amazing images!!! Gene doing his thing is just right for this... but! It really feels like a recruitment movie... and it really glosses over the hardship horrors and realities of what these boys and girls will put themselves through!! And With à script that just didn't sit right and felt propaganda/ish I found it hard to watch after 15min... that's just my two cents though! God bless all the service men and women the world over! Peace x

8/10: I am a Marine I...
Saturday, August 4, 2018

I am a Marine I served in the Marine Corps from 1969 to 1973. Yes, this documentary leaves out a lot, but hey, Top Gun was basically a recruiting movie for the Navy too folks. We did pushups on our knuckles on the grinder. We were choked and punched. We were screamed at, "motivated", showed how to save lives, and taught to be Marines. Did I like it? No, duh! I was also in the Navy for 4yrs and the National Guard for 2yrs. Now, at age 67, I can honestly say that I benefited greatly from my time in the Corps, and the leadership skills, the ability to encourage others, to think fast when the going gets a little rough, all have been of great use since I got out in 1973. I was, and will always be, a U.S. Marine.

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