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One Night in Miami... (2020)

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If you enjoy reading my...
Tuesday, March 9, 2021

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @ https://www.msbreviews.com As you know, I always try to know as little as possible about a film before watching it. From skipping trailers to sometimes not even reading the synopsis and going in blind, I firmly believe the best experience one can have is to be surprised by the movie. However, a few films - mainly those "based in real events or real people" - warrant a little pre-research. Before sitting to watch One Night in Miami, I read a little bit about each main character's life to understand who they were, what sort of impact they had in the Black community, and if the night depicted in the movie truly happened. Well, the gathering of these four friends that night is indeed real, but what they really talked about is fictionalized by Kemp Powers' screenplay and Regina King's directorial debut. Honestly, I'm surprised...

Inspired by a true story...
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Inspired by a true story, “One Night in Miami” imagines what happened the night real-life friends Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), football star Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge), soul singer Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.), and heavyweight boxing champ Cassius Clay (Eli Goree) gathered at the Hampton House Motel to celebrate Clay’s victory over Sonny Liston. Over the course of the evening, the men at first are in a celebratory, playful mood, taking lighthearted jabs at each other and enjoying the company. But as the night progresses, the conversations grow more intense, and the four friends have a thoughtful (and confrontational) discussion on race, equality, and the black man’s experience in America. Set during the Civil Rights movement in 1964, the timeless subject matter unfortunately has just as much relevance almost 60 years later. You could transport these men into modern times and their conversations about racial injustice would sound almost identical to those being discussed by people...

It's much more rewarding...
Friday, March 19, 2021

It's much more rewarding to have something to actually think about or a moral question to ponder rather than have the movie tell you how to feel. It's a rare pleasure to watch a film like Regina King's 'One Night in Miami' that is willing to leave big questions about four larger-than-life men up in the air instead of trying to answer them. - Jake Watt Read Jake's full article... https://www.maketheswitch.com.au/article/review-one-night-in-miami-a-dynamic-look-at-a-meeting-of-four-icons

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