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Mr. Deeds (2002)

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1/10: Horrifying, unlaughable, probably a Communist...
Friday, December 6, 2002

Horrifying, unlaughable, probably a Communist plot Spoilers ahead, probably. The movie is simply awful, diseased and ridden with more fleas than Hennie Youngman's long dead one-liner underpants. Al Sharpton is hilarious to laugh at, except at the mercy of these writers. HOW DO YOU MAKE AL SHARPTON UNFUNNY? John Turturro, John McEnroe, Steve Buscemi -- all talents (and funny!) drained by this vampiric script. Death reeks from every orifice here, from the greeting card "bits" (what else to call them?) to the hackneyed physical stuff. Thoughts:--what's with Sandler's dubbed voice over Murph? when will someone tell this idiot that he can't do "funny voices"? HE CAN'T EVEN MANAGE HIS OWN RIDICULOUS VOICE.--get 40 billion dollars, toss $25k at a random couple in a restaurant, $40k for used bikes, rent MSG for a night: the writers didn't even bother to stop drinking long enough to come up with ONE cool thing to do...

5/10: While pointless, it's still...
Sunday, January 11, 2004

While pointless, it's still a fun movie Mr. Deeds, the remake of Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, Mr. Deeds Goes To Town is an old comedy that is personally one of my favorite comedies. It's just a wonderful film that I highly recommend you watch if you get the chance. So Adam Sandler decided to take on that classic and make it into his film, which honestly isn't that bad, just in comparison, believe me then you look at it as a horrendous film. It was just one of those movies that really didn't need a remake. But Adam Sandler did bring his own bite to the film and just updated the story for the younger generation that obviously never heard of the movie.After Preston Blake freezes to death at the summit of Mount Everest with a triumphant smile on his face, a search for his heir for his successful company begins. When it is...

7/10: everything is not what it...
Saturday, May 23, 2015

everything is not what it seems well here is a sweet mischievous film from Adam Sander called Longfellow deed he writes greeting cards that are like poems to people in a place called mandrake falls on known to him his long lost uncle is hanging out on mount Everest but his uncle gets frozen and deeds becomes 40 billion richer or does he so off to the big city with the whole town wishing him well but deeds is simple or something so he not used to mischievous people so he lets people walk over him as the company is a media empire there is reporters everywhere looking to find out who deeds is and mischievous news chief likes to make up stories to get ahead so comes up with a story to find out and deeds finds love of sorts with a nurse or so it seems but accidentally he finds a diary from his uncle past and his...

8/10: Sandler Has Done Better! This...
Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sandler Has Done Better! This is the movie that Adam Sandler did the worst(the ones that I seen) and I still liked this film enough to write a positive review. The story is a remake from the 1936 version with Gary Cooper. Sandler plays Longfellow Deeds, a nice person with many friends. His uncle dies and he leaves forty billion dollars to his nephew, Deeds. Deeds travels to New York City to sign some papers. While in New York, he meets this beautiful woman. Little does he know that she is a reporter, not a school nurse. The script/storyline/jokes are bearable, but are better with most Sandler movies. I laughed a few times during the movie. Adam Sandler did a great job acting. Winona Ryder is a bit shaky in this role. John Turturro is hilarious as the butler who just sneaks up on everyone. I also have to mention Steve Buscemi as Crazy Eyes. That is...

6/10: See Ryder kiss Sandler! "Mr...
Wednesday, October 23, 2002

See Ryder kiss Sandler! "Mr. Deeds" tells of a wacky, naive small town guy, Mr. Deeds (Sandler), with little respect for fame or fortune who inherits $40 billion and has to deal with the responsibilities and media attention which accompanies his inheritance. Ryder plays a tv producer after the inheritance story who happens to fall in love with the Sandler character, something which pushes this flick from romantic-comedy into the realm of fantasy or sci-fi. In spite of its hard-to-swallow romantic side plot, the film offers nonstop in-your-face silliness and nonsense which should make it a fun watch for fans into Sandler's brand of deadpan kookie comedy. Non-Sandler fans can expect a lukewarm result. (C+)

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