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Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)


1/10: Gives new meaning to the word pretentious
Monday, November 7, 2005

Man, this was foul! A bunch of trendy types sitting around, "trying" to act cool while they smoked cigarettes. It made me physically ill. Gee, you mean mindless conversation all of the sudden becomes entertaining and hip when you shoot it in black and white? Or when you talk with a poncey British accent? I mean, pretentious does not even go far enough. Seeing Jack White try to be funny, reading forced dialog while he smokes a cigarette like Rock Hudson in a Junior High play. Oh yeah, and the guy that was in Twentyfour Hour Party People" is recognized by anybody? There is no way I can get ten sentences in this review, because just writing this little bit about it has made me nauseous. Man, I cannot imagine how irritated I would have felt if I had been stupid enough to pay to see it at the theater

2/10: It's just not working for me
Saturday, July 30, 2005

There must be something that I am just not getting about Jim Jarmusch. I watched "Night on Earth" and "Coffee and Cigarettes" and feel the same way about both: So obviously constructed that there is no charme or intrigue and I never get absorbed into the movie at all. I like the let things speak for themselves and save my criticism until the end, especially with art and movies that have specific messages or intents. And I just don't get anything out of Jarmusch. Completely uninteresting characters and dialogue, a flat, constructed sense of humor that lacks any sophistication or uniqueness.This is my rant. I still want to thank Jarmusch for making independent movies, it seems like a lot of people like them and that's great. I will still stay away though

8/10: No tea and biscuits
Saturday, July 10, 2004

Short films with nonsense dialogue of shifting dignity. Lots of self irony or even self sarcasm. Tom Waits is mocking with Iggy Pop in a way that it's hard to believe they ever can talk to each other again. Bill Murray is pulling the leg of the hip hop movement and the movement finds that funny. Cate Blanchett is on a genial level playing the double part of the filmstar and her jealous cousin.Jim Jarmusch can't be beaten. The dialogue seems to be mostly improvised, but the concept is not. Every short chapter here has a meaning and gives us something to think about. The films are in black and white, like coffee and cigarettes and that still is, and will always be, a way of pushing things harder. This is very much comedy and very much serious

3/10: Bad habits, worse conversation
Monday, June 21, 2004

At its best "Coffee and Cigarettes" is a fun premise, with a constellation of stars with hip characters in hip locations. At its worse "Coffee and Cigarettes" is the worst improv you're going to see this side of amateur drama school.Despite good stories by two old working class men and mafiosi, and great performances by a wide range of actors, comedians, rappers and rock stars, you'll be bored to tears with at least three-quarters of the whole movie. Some guidance by the director wouldn't have hurt. At least the most boring stories aren't that long.This is a hipster film that had the potential of becoming a pop culture phenomenon. See it if just for thinking of all the possibilities that were missed

7/10: It's easy to dip into coffee and cigarettes and meet all the characters but you might get a bit bored by some of their conversations
Sunday, March 19, 2006

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