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The Mighty Quinn (1989)

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7/10: An enjoyable Caribbean mystery Chief...
Friday, June 30, 2017

An enjoyable Caribbean mystery Chief Xavier Quinn is in charge of policing on a relaxed, unnamed Caribbean island. He doesn't expect too much trouble but that changes when a body is found in a Jacuzzi. The victim has had his throat cut so it is clearly murder. Plenty of people are keen to point the finger of blame at Maubee, a local ne'er-do-well who was also a childhood friend of Quinn. There is also an unseemly desire to wrap the case up as quickly as possible; the owner of the hotel complex where the man was killed doesn't want his other guests upset and the island's governor doesn't want the tourist industry damaged. Quinn however is determined to properly investigate the case properly and as he does so he crosses paths with a Central American hit-man, a dodgy CIA operative and a case full of US $10,000 bills.If you are...

7/10: Jamaican Me Crazy Wif Dis...
Monday, April 19, 2021

Jamaican Me Crazy Wif Dis Murda Welcome to another edition of Adam's Reviews!! Queue in intro music**Tonight's movie review is the murder mystery set in Jamaica - The Mighty Quinn (1989) where a homicide is investigated by the local police chief played by my man Denzel Washington as Xavier Quinn who is in the search of the prime suspect who happens to be his childhood friend, the carefree drifter Maubee. Soon the investigation turns out to be more complicated than it appears.Denzel's portrayal of a cool-headed chief of police who goes above and beyond in the investigation and literally doesn't take any crap from anyone including corrupt officials in order to prove his friend's innocence makes the film intriguing and compelling. Along with investigating the mystery of who the guilty party makes this movie surprising well directed in the small length of time and for a low budget picture drama, this movie sure...

8/10: Enjoyable mystery thriller Smooth and...
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enjoyable mystery thriller Smooth and charming Police Chief Xavier Quinn (a fine and likable performance by Denzel Washington) has to search his Jamaican island beat for lovable local rascal and old childhood pal Maubee (a wonderfully engaging portrayal by Robert Townsend) in order to clear Maubee's name after he's accused of murder. Capably directed with considerable flashy panache by Carl Schenkel, with a pleasantly casual pace, and a colorful and absorbing script by Hampton Fancher, further buoyed by an extremely catchy'n'bouncy reggae soundtrack, nice touches of wry humor, and a flavorsome Caribbean tropical setting, this film possesses a certain affable laid-back appeal that's impossible to either dislike or resist. The strong cast helps a lot: Washington and especially Townsend excel in the lead roles, with fine support from James Fox as jerky rich resort owner Thomas Elgin, the lovely Mimi Rogers as Thomas' neglected and enticing wife Hadley, the always great M. Emmet Walsh...

7/10: breezy Caribbean cop flick something...
Tuesday, February 1, 2005

breezy Caribbean cop flick something halfway DIFFERENT from Hollywood's usual fare; Denzel plays a rather straight-laced Chief of Police of a Jamaica-like island and must track down his free-spirit childhood friend, Maubee, suspected of murder. the best thing about this movie (to me) was its island locations and people, a great change of pace from the usual SoCal or New Yawk stuff. M. Emit Walsh is a scene stealer as a bemused corporate operative down to fix some loose ends. the numerous musical interludes are excellent (and its great to watch a movie without the usual hip-hop or angst-metal). many of the 'minor' characters--Ubu Pearl, Coco, Jose, Jump--are lots more interesting than the major ones. on the down side are some of the usual clich├ęs--arrogant rich whites, the politician that browbeats the police so as not to alarm the tourists, the usual domestic strife, the precocious kid, a subplot involving the...

9/10: An outstanding and entertaining mystery...
Sunday, July 16, 2000

An outstanding and entertaining mystery with Denzel This is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen all year. It takes place in a town on a carribean island not unlike Jamaica, and tells the story of a drifter named Maubee accussed of murder, and his best friend who happens to be the town sherrif. I loved this movie, because of it's wonderful characters, and the things they deal with over the course of this movie. The film may not be action-packed, or even contain a gripping plot, but I assure any readers this movie will not dissapoint you. Denzel Washington is delightful as the sherrif trying to prove his friends innosennce, and Robert Townsend plays the down-and-out drifter Maubee, in an equaly pleasing role. While the films premise may not initialy draw you in, its wonderful characters and colorful island setting will. And everytime things start to slow down, the movie drops another dead...

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