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Bruce Almighty (2003)


**Bruce Almighty leverages Carrey's...
Tuesday, September 20, 2022

**Bruce Almighty leverages Carrey's comedy strengths and a solid supporting cast to create a top-notch lighthearted comedy. ** Honestly, I had a traumatic experience from seeing The Mask way too young, and it left me terrified of Jim Carrey for quite a while. Even after I grew out of the Carreyphobia, I still wasn't a fan, but Bruce Almighty changed everything. The first time I saw it, it was against my will, but I am so glad I was forced to watch it because it's a wonderful movie! It has fun with Christian values and themes without bashing or harassing its source material. It's just a good-natured funny movie that sees Carrey's Bruce Nolan grow from kind but self-absorbed to considerate and caring of those around him and appreciating all that he already had in his life, especially his love interest played by Jennifer Anniston. Bruce Almighty also showcases a young Steve Carrell...

Being God can be Hell...
Thursday, April 30, 2020

Being God can be Hell. Fans of Jim Carrey can't go wrong with this fun filled picture that's not without serious undertones as well. The Premise is flimsy as such, Carrey plays Nolan, a harried and fed up TV reporter who feels that all of his problems are God's fault. Having enough of his whingeing, God (Morgan Freeman) summons Nolan to his "residence" and bestows all his powers to him. This is where the film hits its stride, the makers letting Carrey loose for a number of funny sequences as he plays God to further his own ends. It goes where you expect it to, and nobody else gets a look in as Carrey does his stuff, but the journey is a most pleasant one. 7/10

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