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Boys in the Trees (2016)


**The Aussie Halloween!** Yes, Australians...
Monday, June 8, 2020

**The Aussie Halloween!** Yes, Australians too make bad films. No, this is not a bad one. An average. Though I liked the concept. Especially how it had ended. So if the prior parts were excelled, it would have been one of the year's best. It was a one night tale. The story of a Halloween night, that followed two friends fooling around. Actually, they were best friends growing up, but the time pulled them apart. This is a special night to them, so they once again come together and recall their old experiences. As the narration takes the lots of turns, finally ends with a big emotional surprise. I felt it had potential. I enjoyed it, but a little boring. They had the end part well planned, but initiation was not that par. Good characters, because of the nice performances. Since the whole film was shot in the dark time, for this kind of theme that looked so good...

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