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Nomadland (2021)

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8/10: A Look at Some Forgotten...
Monday, May 3, 2021

A Look at Some Forgotten Americans It seems like that since this movie one the award for best picture, lots of people decided that they wanted to go and watch it, which I have to admit isn't all that surprising. There is nothing better to boost audience numbers than winning an Oscar, particularly Oscar for best picture. Did it deserve it? Well, I have to admit that it is certainly somewhat different, and I have been going through a number of these best pictures over the last few months, probably because I'm starting to find some of the other ones that I normally watch to be rather dry and boring.The interesting thing about this movie is that it explores a group of people - American Nomads - that seem to fall under the radar. Sure, racial justice and gender equality are important things, but there always seems to be movies coming out addressing these issues, whereas this movie explores...

10/10: A stunning display of superb...
Tuesday, February 2, 2021

A stunning display of superb acting, high-class directing, packed in a warm, intriguing story Many reviewers found that the rough life of nomads in the US has been idealised and that the movie does not really show the daily hardships they endure. I agree. But the movie is about something else. The main character, the great Frances McDormand, is not happy but it is resilient. She is not a good person in particular but can be kind and warm to others and kind and warm to herself. She lives her life unfazed by the hardships she has to endure and that have sucked most of the vitality or feelings out of her. She is not capable to settle down, not capable to fall in love, not capable to make friends or laugh or have a good time. As if ever since her husband died and the town that she lived in disbanded her soul has been taken away as...

3/10: Living in a van is...
Saturday, January 2, 2021

Living in a van is no picnic Life boiled down to its essence is a series of boring events - showering, eating, driving, shopping, and finding a place to park your van. Life when you are broke is sad. The movie begins with the closing of a plant in Nevada where a widow played by Francis McDermott has worked for many years.The entire town moves away, leaving the post office to discontinue the use of the zip code. She lives in her van and travels around the west on a shoestring. Lots of quiet spaces and lengthy shots of the countryside. McDermott meets a lot of poor people who share their modest philosophies and their strategies for dealing with life on the road. She takes a series of temporary jobs, then moves on.It's not completely dreary, but it is not an upper. It's slow and depressing.The script was empty. The cinematography was marginal. The direction was...

3/10: Houseless NOMADLAND takes its time...
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Houseless NOMADLAND takes its time disecting the life of the main character who lost her husband and ultimately ended up as Nomad due to financial struggles. With little twists and turns, the movie was too bland. This was a message not a story and it was more suitable as a documentary, especially since the actors used were real Nomads. There was no lessons learned, no character growth and no climax moments. Also, the plot failed to make a connection between the death of her husband and her current status. He was rarely mentioned and I guess we're just supposed to assume she's broken because of his loss. Her financial struggles are also unclear and she seems to have lots of support from family and friends so I'm not sure what I was supposed to feel because at times it seemed like she chose the life and that's just the way things are for her and I...

5/10: After a sh**ty year...
Sunday, April 25, 2021

After a sh**ty year we deserved more fun than Nomadland Maybe in 2019 my review may have been different. But honestly, watching one depresive character after another for 2 hour, was hard not to feel like them, cranky and miserable. I think these are special times with special needs and we deserve better.That been said, I have travel across 54 countries, pooped on wost places than a bucket and never felt sad, just joy, like those very brief moments when she is in nature. Every day I travell I get that joy, and sometimes it's with less than 100 bucks a month. So take your gloom to another year and give humanity something more uplifting during a pandemic please! I have to go, still haven't finished watching all the Jerusalema challenges. Now we are talking ;-)

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