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Virtuosity (1995)

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2/10: Denzel and Crowe embarrass themselves...
Saturday, July 10, 2010

Denzel and Crowe embarrass themselves in this vapid, derivative, so-called techno-thriller Both Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe are 'A-list' actors who have been in some top-notch pictures during their careers. But even big stars are not immune from taking the attitude that they always must be working in order to make a buck. That's basically what happened here with their decision to be a part of this hopeless enterprise known as 'Virtuosity'.Set in a futuristic Los Angeles, Denzel Washington plays former police Lt. Parker Barnes, imprisoned for life after murdering a terrorist who kidnapped his wife and child. It seems during his failed attempt to rescue his family, not only does he kill Grimes and his associates but a pair of newsmen covering the story. Barnes is called upon (along with another inmate), to test out the Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Center's (LETAC) new virtual reality program, designed to improve officer's tracking...

3/10: Dated sci-fi thrills with...
Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dated sci-fi thrills with one irritating villain Yet another example of a high budget, low intelligence blockbuster movie where the plot suffers at the expense of an action sequence inserted in every ten minutes, usually involving lots of shooting and special effects. While I have nothing against action films, I usually like a bit of intrigue and clever plotting to help move things along. Not so in this film.The sole reason to watch is for the special effects, of which there are lots, as the film uses virtual reality as a basis (much like its predecessor, THE LAWNMOWER MAN). The best scenes are the ones where SID is maimed/badly injured, and his limbs regenerate with the help of glass. These scenes are cleverly done, although of course they do borrow from TERMINATOR 2 (speaking of borrowing, the green blood inside SID is strangely reminiscent of the green-blooded androids in FORTRESS). At the end of the film...

10/10: "Hey Parker, this one's...
Saturday, March 13, 2004

"Hey Parker, this one's for you!" I caught 'Virtuosity' on late-night tv years ago not expecting much and i loved it. I recently managed to hunt down a copy of the dvd (ah yes the joys of widescreen and stereo sound!) This movie is by far (in my opinion) Russell Crowe's and Denzel Washington's best movie. I've watched it at least 6 times now and it always manages to keep me entertained every time. Many people seem to disregard this movie as bad, but i think they are taking it the wrong way; taking it too serious. It's much like a dark comedy, and is done in an almost comic-book fashion, with SID 6.7 (Russell Crowe) stealing the show with a top-notch performance. Crowe is hilarious, and Denzel is good. I really feel for his character in this movie and what he goes through. I don't think that anyone could...

10/10: Russell Crowe hits us Smack...
Sunday, September 8, 2002

Russell Crowe hits us Smack in the face with his talent If you're looking for early USA Crowe and want to see him showing off his talent, this is a great flick! The character of Sid 6.7 would have faired dismally in anyone else's hands, and the movie's success is based completely on Crowe's now-legendary ability. There's one scene, where he is taunting Denzel Washington with the fact that he (Crowe) has the memories of the man who murdered his (Washington's) family and his bubbling little laugh while saying the line, "Just because I'm holding the memory of killing your family inside me, doesn't mean we can't be friends." is such a fantastically subtle touch! The laugh is one of uncontainable delight, something no other actor would have thought to do. The action sequences are taut and Sid's great delight in himself, are perfect set-ups for the...

1/10: Only watchable for truly die...
Friday, July 9, 2010

Only watchable for truly die hard Denzel Washtington fan. Bad acting, bad script. I saw this movie because it was the only thing in the theater at the time that seemed interesting. We did not have air conditioning in the house at the the time and selected this movie to escape the heat. This was the only reason for staying.This movie was so boring I feel a sleep. I asked the person I went with what I had missed and learned it was really nothing I had missed at all.Denzel Washtingon can act just the direction and script he was given was sorely lacking, though if you liked this move then you will need to see the Joan Collin's version of Empire of the Ants.Supposedly to be so advance with technology the effects are bad and very unbelievable. 1977 Star Wars (IV A New Hope) has better effects than this.Not worth the time.

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