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Dredd (2012)


So, nothing new under the...
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

So, nothing new under the sun. The same boring story and characters mixed in another movie. The only thing remarkable in this movie is the slow motion used during the drug usage, which is not much to say.

I think this adaptation of...
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I think this adaptation of the Judge Dredd comics books are a much more how most people probably would expect that a Judge Dredd movie should be, especially compared to the rather disappointing 1995 version. That of course means that the movie is quite violent. Anyone who has ever read the comics should not be surprised about the fact that this movie is mostly about taking out the bad guys, and if you cannot take out the bad guys using violence then just use more violence. Except for a few gripes that I will come to I quite liked this movie. The plot is a fairly simple one but it is also a plot that I would not have been surprised to find in one of the 2000 AD comics. It is a quite suitable plot for a Judge Dredd movie. The plot centres around the drug “Slo-Mo” which slows down your perception of time. This of course gave...

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