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Killbird (2019)

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6/10: All it takes is one crazy
Sunday, December 6, 2020

Things come together, sort of, near the end of the movie. The set up for the story was pretty good, but it became a little far fetched to me the longer Taylor Crane (Elysia Rotaru) kept coming back at Riad (Stephen Lobo). It felt like she was goading him into further retaliation for showing up at his remote place in the woods. And every time it appeared that she had a chance to make a break for it, she found another reason to stick around, like snooping in Riad's back room with all the press clippings, or going upstairs to discover the guy in the prison cell. It was all very surreal. Although believe it or not, it finally made sense when the postman (Tahmoh Penikett) showed up and knew Crane by name. After failing to take out Riad, the postman gets stabbed by Taylor, so now it looks like opposing agencies in an attempt to take down the...

6/10: Not that bad, decent job for a B-movie
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Let's face it, there are better spy movie than Killbird, even much better ones, but it's still entertaining enough to never get bored. To me it deserves a better rating, it's certainly worth a one time viewing. The plot is mysterious and keeps your attention, it keeps you guessing what's going on, and that's the most positive point of the movie. I agree that it looks and sounds a little bit like a B-movie but with the budget they had they did a decent job. As for the acting let's just say there are no future Oscar winners here but it was not cringing to watch either. I will probably forget everything about this movie in a week but I don't regret watching it

5/10: B movie cinema here. Not bad for it's weight class
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The cinematography is good for a B movie this film has a Lifetime vibe too it. Unknown actors do a good enough job the lead looks like a former prom queen. The stories not very original and kinda predictable but there's enough funny moments to keep it unique and interesting. With a skeleton crew of actors throughout the entirety it gets pretty lame but I would recommend this for my mom to watch but that's about it the ending was 👌 OK so I guess it wasn't a total bust if you need to waste an hour & 30 mins

1/10: Extremely boring
Friday, August 6, 2021

Next time you're at Starbucks tune in on a stream of consciousness conversation between two people on a first date for 84 minutes. There, you've seen this movie.The acting of both leads is labored and poor, the pacing dreadful, the direction aimless, the actions and reactions of the characters unrealistic, and there is no plot until the end when you realize a nap would have been a better use of your time.One star

7/10: Not a bad attempt
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I like single location movies given the script is fine. I didn't pay a single cent to watch this movie but kept watching it all the way to the end without any regret. This is the method of my payment. Despite being B Class this is a good movie. I really liked the performance of the "former prom queen" caliber actress and also the lead guy. Watchable

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