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King Kong (2005)


10/10: Beauty Killed the Beast
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy cemented Peter Jackson as a director of the highest order and made him the new king of the world, KING KONG seals his position as a Director and eliminates any trace of doubt that he may have been a one hit wonder.Bringing what has to be one of the most known and greatest adventure story into a new configuration, and doing so successfully, is a tremendous gamble. Dino de Laurentiis tried to do so thirty years before, and while the film is watchable, it was considered a major disaster. An unrelated sequel, KING KONG LIVES, proved even worse. Peter Jackson, who has called KING KONG the reason he decided to get into film-making, wanted to make this film before LORD OF THE RINGS was thrown into production, but circumstances prevented this in happening, and thus his career went into high gear as we now know. Maybe it's just as best...

8/10: King Kong ...... Long Live the KING
Sunday, July 31, 2016

From PASTO, COLOMBIA-Via: L. A. CA; CALI, COLOMBIA+ORLANDO, FLWARNING: Contains what might be considered a couple minor spoilers!In 1956, when I was 8, I saw the original version (1933) of King Kong for the first time. It impacted me very much! ....Although the film tripled me in age, its special effects were the best I had ever seen, without a doubt. The director of King Kong (2005), Peter Jackson (Trilogy: Lord of the Rings), says he saw the original version at age nine and that was what inspired him to become a film-maker. This new version is perhaps one of the best cinema remakes of recent years! BUT...(and it is a very BIG "BUT"!) The simple fact that it is not an original story involves many limitations, at least, in my opinion!However, for a few minutes, I'll try to continue this review taking into account that the vast majority of you have never...

3/10: Too much, too long, too bad
Sunday, December 18, 2005

With the technology available for special effects, this could have been a great movie. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Sadly, this movie just proves the point that good effects do not a good movie make.What happened here is that a film with enough plot to last for the time of the original was stretched out to try fill 3 hours of screen time, and the result is disastrous. In addition, it's pretty clear that CGI nerds and video game designers had way too much input into this atrocity.It can all be summarized with a top 10 list of the worst scenes/mistakes of the movie:10. The time wasting, overly long, irrelevant plot line surrounding Ann Darrow, the old man, and the theater getting closed down. Not pertinent to the story. 9. The CGI nerd focus on the spinning airplane wheels on the fighter planes. Someone said "Isn't this the coolest thing you've ever seen?". It...

10/10: A Monumental Success of a Movie
Sunday, December 18, 2005

If it had been announced that a remake of the classic "King Kong" was being made without the name Peter Jackson attached to it, there is no doubt audiences would have been outraged. But after the enormous success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it would seem that the general public has learned to trust director Peter Jackson. After watching his remake of King Kong, I would have to say that their trust was well placed.Jackson now firmly cements his name as a master filmmaker, the kind that all aspiring directors want to be. The attention he pays to the most minute details, the sheer class he shows in terms of production and scale, the amount of skill he has in manipulating our fragile emotions... the man is clearly one of the most talented directors in film history. And Jackson certainly brings his considerable skill and flair to show here in 'Kong'. While a different director likely would...

7/10: Kong draws sympathy beautifully; the rest is flawed
Sunday, December 18, 2005

First off, let me say that I'm a huge Peter Jackson fan. I loved the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy, and consequently, I was really looking forward to seeing this film, too. Unfortunately, my admittedly high hopes were not fulfilled.On the plus side, and most importantly, Jackson does an amazing job of portraying Kong both as a wild beast and a caring, compassionate creature. Hence, the end is particularly powerful and touching, and I truly did sympathize with Kong and feel his tragedy. In fact, I was in tears.On the downside, however, the film has a number of big problems.First of all, the film is too long. Jackson and his cohorts (Walsh and Phillipa Boyens) spent too much time trying to build up a multitude of characters (namely, the shipmates) who, ultimately, don't matter much, and whom you really end up not caring about, despite all the time spent on their development. Focusing instead...

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