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Transformers (2007)

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10/10: definitely the best summer blockbuster...
Sunday, March 22, 2020

definitely the best summer blockbuster Transformers is without doubt one of the best summer blockblusters of 2007. it has great character development and a decent storyline it start out with millitary men on a plane landing to their base were lieutenant lenox does his job and then scypes with his family and their newborn child, as well as talking with the leader of the army rangers surviving team, then an unidentified helicopter which turns to be a decepticon named blackout who was persuaded by his scorponok shows up and the men target it to step down but then forms and makes a cybertronic sound or call it a sound wave, cause deceptions use it when they prepare an attack or doing, then it just transformers and then the soldiers begin firing on it but they don't stop it, it just keeps destroying and attacking the base destroying planes and, causing massive explosions just so he can hack into the...

1/10: How could Hollywood mess this...
Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How could Hollywood mess this "sure thing" up? What a shameful disaster! This deafeningly loud, obnoxious, usually stagnant and glorified epic disaster of a film was presented with too many opportunities to be one of the all-time greatest summer flicks ever. However, despite the advancements in today's special effects, it being inspired from the highly popular 1980's Hasbro toys and cartoon, with Steven Spielberg overseeing the production as an Executive producer, Michael Bay and his writers were still guilty of making this a "steaming pile." I can effortlessly breakdown at every level why this film didn't work for me.The story was about a teenager name Sam (Shia LaBeouf) who purchases a car that happens to be a robot in disguise from another world. Sam is then caught in the middle of an ancient battle between two groups of these alien robots, the heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons. Both are seeking a mysterious cube known...

1/10: When Summer Blockbusters Go Really...
Sunday, July 8, 2007

When Summer Blockbusters Go Really REALLY Wrong. When the announcement came for a new Transformers movie for Summer, I was pretty excited. I wasn't a major Transformers fan, but I had fond memories of the cartoon and toys. However, I hated the re-designed Transformers, thinking that these new designs were an overly busy cross between Lego's Bionicle toys and expressionist modern art sculptures. I also heard the script was poor, so I decided to skip this one.However, I started hearing movie reviews about what an amazing film this was. "The greatest film of all time!" people proclaimed. So I came to terms with and accepted that these weren't the robots I grew up with, this was a "new" version, and I'd at least find interest in robots transforming into cars and beating each other up. I'd even go see this even though I don't like Michael Bay films.How was it? Transformers...

10/10: Michael bay is the Martin...
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Michael bay is the Martin Scorsese of action movies This was the first film in the transformers franchise and the one that is concidered the best of them and like Michael bay's previous films before this here he takes the has to figures and makes it into a sci fi film it has army rangers working at a military base and a deception comes and attacksMeanwhile later Sam played by Shia labeof is a school kid who trlls about his great grandfather archibald and how he explored the arctic circle and here the film has a decent storyline and unlike the sequels this one was the most coherent of them all while I find the first two sequels enjoyable and the fourth and fifth installments not good and the worst of the series this one is the best and the most enjoyable and interesting the film also has Megan fox who plays mikaela she does a mediocre performance but...

10/10: Transformers - More than Meets The...
Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers - More than Meets The Eye, Ear, and Rest of Your Senses! I've seen probably close to 1,000 movies at the theater, including every single major release over the past 15+ years. I've seen crowds get up and leave after 10 minutes. I've seen crowds all jump and scream at the most frightening of scenes. I've seen crowds cry together.Transformers took me back to the re-release of Star Wars: A New Hope back in the 90s, and then went much further. From the start of the movie the entire theater here in San Antonio got very involved. Clapping, cheering, and even a bit of hooting were commonplace throughout the film.First, let me tell you who carried this film: The Robots and Shia Lebouf. Of course the Autobots were the main attraction, but they went well beyond that by being absolutely stunning. When Blackout lands at Soccent Forward AFB in Qatar, gasps were...

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