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X2 (2003)


I think this is better...
Monday, April 18, 2022

I think this is better than the first film though I still find Patrick Stewart's "Picard"-in-a-chair character really irritating. Anyway, this time we have a good baddie in Scotsman Brian Cox ("Stryker"). He is a determined military man who manages to get the US President to give him carte blanche to take on and eliminate the mutants after a failed attempt to assassinate him in the White House. "Magneto" (Ian McKellen), meantime, is still locked up in his plastic prison but his shape-shifting blue protegé "Mystique" (Rebecca Romijn) concocts a cunning pan to free him; and just in time too! "Stryker" has discovered the existence of "Cerebro" and determined to control it, attacks the "Xavier" school neutralising many of the students and leaving only "Logan" (Hugh Jackman)," Scott" (James Marsden) and "Rogue" (Anna Paquin) to lead what's left of their team to extricate the now captured professor. Needs must, as they say, and an...

Good watch, might watch again...
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Good watch, might watch again, and can recommend. Again, horrible "comic book movie", good stand alone movie. Wolverine was the most interesting thing about the last movie, and this is a surprising instance of a studio realizing audience feedback and basically just made the first Wolverine origin movie, because that's what this is. Comic continuity aside, and Wolverine aside, the war of the Brotherhood of Mutants is fairly compelling angle to take, and it is refreshing they did it from the human's side, but if you look at it closer, then we're just looking at another race war. It sort of takes the fuel out of the fire when you realize how "real" your super power problem story is. While this has a slightly better premise, and good plot skeleton, there is a lot of "(mostly Wolverine does) something cool here" stuff, but there are at least 2 large exceptions with multiple mutants working together that end...

Strong sequel. I didn't...
Thursday, May 20, 2021

Strong sequel. I didn't quite enjoy 'X2' as much as 'X-Men', though not by much in truth. This follow-up film is still something I'd class as entertaining. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) again impresses, though those behind him are - though all good - a little meh in my opinion; especially newcomer Brian Cox (Stryker), who underwhelmed me. All in all, it's a film that is totally worth watching and is a sequel that is worth its salt. /copied directly from my Letterboxd review\

X2: X-Men United is...
Friday, June 12, 2020

X2: X-Men United is an improvement over its predecessor in just about every way. Better story, better effects, better action, and more interesting mutants. It's the best of the original X-Men films and a high point for early 2000s comic book moviemaking. Worth watching for the Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike fight alone.

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