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The Bye Bye Man (2017)


2/10: The Bye Bye Man' Is As Unfortunate As Its Name
Thursday, February 23, 2017

OVERVIEW "Don't say it. Don't think it." But of course a group of college students do and then find themselves dealing with a foreboding curse. The problem is, The Bye Bye Man never quite develops itself nor does it explain a lot of avoidable mistakes. It's one of those films that is so painful to watch that you wonder, did they make it this bad on purpose? The film with the unfortunate name, is just as unfortunate plot- wise.After moving into an off-campus house with his best friend John (Lucien Laviscount) and girlfriend Sasha (Cressida Bonas), Elliot (Douglas Smith) finds bizarre writing on the inside of a drawer. Etched beneath the lining is "The Bye Bye Man". When Sasha expresses her concern that a presence may be in the house, they perform a seance with the help of her psychic friend. It is during the seance that Elliot speaks the entities name out loud, thus...

1/10: Worst Horror Film I Can Remember
Saturday, June 24, 2017

First of all, anyone reading this review should know I'm EXTREMELY forgiving with horror films. If you have half-decent character development, a semi-plausible plot line, average actors or better, good FX and AT LEAST one or two "gotcha" moments, or some combination thereof, I'll give it a good recommendation.Sadly, The Bye Bye Man has none of it.Let's start with back story - there is NONE! (apart from some journalist encountering BBM 30 years before the story takes place). We do not know who BBM is, where he came from, how he came into existence, or why he terrorizes people. This is the biggest flaw that sinks the movie. Perhaps the filmmakers thought if they tell you NOTHING about the boogieman, it will make him more scary. It doesn't - it's disingenuous, at best.Half of the actors give wooden performances, and the other half overact grandiosely. I was particularly distressed to see Carrie...

1/10: Say bye bye to decent horror films
Monday, January 23, 2017

There are moments when you watch a trailer for a movie and think to yourself "Well, the trailer is pretty bad, but maybe the movie is better." And, sometimes the movie does actually turn out to be better, making you pleasantly surprised. I did not have that feeling as I watched the trailer for the Bye Bye Man. After the trailer ended, there was not one ounce of me that thought "OK, maybe I should give it a shot.". I watched this movie with my best friend, who also happens to be a horror fan, only because we have literally seen everything else that was out. I personally found three major issues with the movie. 1. The characters: Not one of the characters were particularly likable, so who really cares if any or all of them get hacked to bits? They don't really have any back story. The only one you feel any emotion towards at all is Elliot...

4/10: The Bye Bye Man (2017
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't say it, don't think it. DON'T WATCH IT. What an awful awful film. This is a movie that you would see on the Chiller network (not a knock on the network). Its a completely generic, non-entertaining, ridiculously stupid waste of time. I went in with a clean slate (apart from thinking the title of the film was laughably dumb) and came out feeling like I really should have known better.The film is about a group of friends that seem to be haunted by a presence known as The Bye Bye Man. This monstrous being has history connected to previous grizzly murders and now this group need to end the Bye Bye Man. Sounds dumb enough, and it is. The three lead characters are terrible. You want them to die. There are shallow, generic, infuriatingly boring and bland. Sometimes you get that with horror films, but I...

6/10: I'd recommend seeing it, if you're a fan of horror movies
Friday, January 20, 2017

THE BYE BYE MAN': Three Stars (Out of Five) A horror flick about a supernatural entity that can possess anyone that learns it's name, which terrorizes three college students. It was directed by Stacy Title, and written by Jonathan Penner (of TV's 'SURVIVOR' fame). The script is based on a chapter of the 2005 book 'The President's Vampire', titled 'The Bridge to Body Island' (by Robert Damon Schneck). The film stars Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas, Lucien Laviscount, Jenna Kanell, Michael Trucco, Carrie-Ann Moss, Leigh Whannell, Erica Tremblay, Cleo King, Faye Dunaway and Doug Jones (as The Bye Bye Man). It's received mostly negative reviews from critics, and fans alike, but it's done really well at the Box Office (so far). I thought it was OK.Three college students (Smith, Bonas and Laviscount) move into an old house, near campus. Once there, they learn about a supernatural entity called The Bye Bye Man (Jones). They...

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