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Boss Level (2021)


9/10: Another Fun Time Loop Film
Sunday, February 28, 2021

Yep, this is definitely a straight to streaming movie, which only landed up in the cinemas because, well, there doesn't seem to be all that much else coming out due to a bulk of the cinemas around the world being close. Like, honestly, there isn't really all that much with this film that hasn't been done before, even though it is probably a more action orientated version of Groundhog Day (and the multiple copies that all of the sudden seem to be coming out of the woodwork). Actually, it is probably a bit closer to Edge of Tomorrow, though this is more of an action movie where they fight some bad guy organisation as opposed to being a full blown war movie.Mind you, it sort of does show you how these style of films make it somewhat more interesting. For instance, the protagonist dies - a lot - which is generally something that doesn't happen in your...

10/10: This is Frank Grillo ...and Frank Grillo has done this
Sunday, March 7, 2021

WHOA!!! This movie totally knocked my socks off. I was expecting a B maybe even a C level movie but boy was I wrong! BooM... John Wick meets Groundhog Day!The movie starts off with a an assassin trying to kill Frank Grillo's character Roy Pulver and never lets up on the action. When it does ease up you have some quirky comedy met with some touching father & son moments. Very interesting that Franks Grillo's real son played his on screen son Joe, this explains their natural chemistry. Some of my favorite moments are of the swords-woman Guan Yin and every time she kills Frank Grillo says, "This is Guan Yin and Guan Yin has done this!" So it's hilarious and satisfying when Frank Grillo's character Roy kills Guan Yin and says, "This is Roy and Roy has done this!" Such brilliance.I never really appreciated a Frank Grillo until now. I remember watching a...

9/10: Finally, an all around amazing and hilarious film
Friday, February 19, 2021

Aaaaaamazing WOW! Best movie I've seen this year! This role was MADE for Frank Grillo who simply nailed it! The genre for this film is "Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller" but also needs "Comedy" added because Grillo made us laugh throughout his entire performances, especially during his commentating dialogue. The entire casting and performances were spot on. Writer, producer and director Joe Carnahan was genius with his screenplay, although I'm sure some critics will slam this film as a Ground Hog Day knockoff. But considering every type of story these days isn't original, Carnahan managed to make this one unique and as far as I'm concerned, less monotonous and much more fun than Ground Hog Day. The 100 min runtime was just right as was the pacing. Carnahan's directing was excellent as was the cinematography. The score was perfect and the soundtrack amazing! This is one I'll be seeing again and adding to my DVD...

7/10: Stick with it - it's worth it
Friday, March 12, 2021

There are more levels of meaning to this film than may be obvious. With the number of highbrow story elements compressed into 100 mins (causality loops, DNA coded missing mass, Egyptian mythology and catastrophism) it would have been very easy to overwhelm and confuse the audience with too many ideas - but Boss Level doesn't. The story is well told, very well paced and seems to make a point of intentionally evolving from chaotic and complex to calm and clear. Clive Ventor's plan is horrific but logical and it's eventually revealed that Roy Pulver really only ever had one job from the start. When he devises his final, final, final, FINAL plan, despite everything that's happened, it makes perfect sense and also provides a valuable message about not giving up - even when you know the situation is completely hopeless. What could have been just a nihilistic Groundhog Day shoot 'em up turns out to be something far...

7/10: Sci-fi action Groundhog Day
Monday, March 29, 2021

I just watched Cosmic Sin a couple days ago, another movie with Frank Grillo, and that wasn't a pleasant experience at all so I wasn't sure about Boss Level once I saw he was in it. But in Boss Level there is also Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts, both actors that I can dig, so I felt a bit more confident. In Cosmic Sin there was also Bruce Willis, but lately that's far from being a good thing as he seems to have lost it and just gets involved in bad movies. Boss Level is enjoyable to watch, and even if you think it's going to be yet another version of Groundhog Day (how many times more can they make a repetitive day movie?) this one is actually not that bad. There are a lot of good action scenes, with good choreographed fighting scenes and creative killings. Although repetitive it's never really boring, on the...

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