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Blood Ransom (2014)


2/10: Bloody Nonsense
Saturday, February 6, 2021

I watched this whole movie through hoping to find some point or reason for ANYTHING that was happening and came up with nothing. There's no explanation as to why this vamp girl is supposed to be so special, or why Jeremiah is driving her around. Ok fine between the two of them there is some sort of attraction, but why? Neither seems to have any redeeming qualities at all. Bill, who is sent out by the head vampire dude to kill Jerr and bring this vamp girl back is all bang and no bite. He repeatedly has the chance to fulfill his mission, since he magically always knows where our hero and vamp chick are hiding out, but apart from some idle threats he just lets them go? And the ending, wow. We expect some epic fight scene between Jeremiah and Roman but all we get is a mutual scream of rage from both of them, a drawn blade...

3/10: Anne Curtis is wasted
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Anyone who has followed the prolific career of famous Filipina actress Anne Curtis knows that she has a lot of talent. She has been nominated for more than a dozen of acting awards and has won a few. From small scale dramas and comedies to larger budget action movies and thrillers, from her days as a child actress to her most adult roles, in countless films and series, Curtis has showed off an impressive range and star presence, almost always a charismatic performer. Which makes her performance here all the more disappointing, because she isn't given many lines and isn't called on to do much besides look pretty and intense.Director Francis dela Torre began his career in the film industry as a cinematographer and camera operator, but he is much less experienced as a writer. This becomes apparent right away. Visually, while not exactly beautiful, it is filled with interesting shot choices and color usage. Dela Torre...

10/10: Blood Ransom : This is how Vampire movies should be made
Monday, November 3, 2014

A very dark, gritty and bloody take on the vampire mythos, Blood Ransom is one of my favorite in this genre. It's sexy and very violent, which is how these kinds of movies are supposed to be. In a generation where you only see watered down PG-13 vampire flicks, I this one stands out. The performances are quite good, especially Anne Curtis and Alexander Dreymon. They look so perfect together. There's something between them that makes them so believable as two people with eternal love for each other. I must also say that Anne Curtis is so perfect in this role. Her gaze, as everyone who have seen the movie said, is so stunning and hypnotizing. Caleb Hunt is also terrifying in his role. He is a very antagonist and really pumps up the tension. Director Francis Dela Torre succeeded in all levels in this film despite the budget constraints. I especially love the final shot of...

8/10: A slow romp for me, but I like the vampire
Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A good vampire concept that was a little too poetic and I got lost in some of the subtly of the film. On the surface the film is about a girl who gets kidnapped by the criminal friends of her limo driver, a man she has develop feelings for, but the event opens up a string of events when it turns out that the girl's value is as a vampire who will become full fledged once she kills the driver. It's very romantic for a vampire movie. This is were I get lost. Thought the plot is interesting, it past by to slowly for my taste. Of course this could have just been a promotional fault as they used the kidnapping to attract audiences. I though the special effects were cool. The blood viens on the vamps pop out whenever they are ready to feed. the movie also had these moments of after violence, were instead of showing...

9/10: Good vampire & Good story
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Should be movies vampire like this, I loved this movie, It is Amazing story love Vampire for every moment

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