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Solitary (2020)

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3/10: Sci-Fi Disaster
Sunday, September 26, 2021

I saw "Solitary", starring Johnny Sachon-Deep Cuto_tv, Late Shift and Lottie Tolhurst-Harlots_tv, Mr Selfridge_tv.This is an English-as in London, not the language-sci_fi disaster that has lots going wrong with it. I don't mean just a low budget-I've seen lots of low budget movies that I enjoyed. But it generally does have to make some kind of sense. Gravity is a weird one here. They are in orbit where there isn't any gravity but the explanation of why they don't float around in the capsule is that their bodies were implanted with magnets-I guess their hair and clothes have magnets, too. Really small ones. The year is 2044 and it's the usual doom & gloom of over population and pollution that is destroying the earth. It starts off promising, with Johnny being chased by some men and then he wakes up in a room, with no...

2/10: Another netfl*x brainwashing and stupid plot
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

No white guy here (except a photo of Schwarzenegger that is, of course mocked) and the women are in charge, the netfl*x brainwashing at full speed. Besides this, the situation that generates all the problems is completely ridiculous and unexplained, how did a big guy got (screwed, litterally !) in there ?The 'Commander' weeps all the time and isn't able to take decisions, good point for women in charge LOL !The other woman has an unpleasant face (this is personal) and character and by her clumsyness some deaths occurs, another good point (Wouldn't happened if it was Schwatzenegger !).I give 2 stars just because I like sci-fi premises in general but this is just a crappy movie

3/10: Victims of the experiment
Monday, September 14, 2020

In the year 2044, the Earth is a dying planet. Isaac Havelock (Johnny Sachon ) wakes up in a small space capsule with Alana Skill (Lottie Tolhurst). As his memory returns, we discover that he is a criminal and part of a deep space experiment. The mother docking ship has exploded and they are stranded in space. Being criminals, their rescue is less important to ground control than themselves. Outside of a few flashbacks, the film is two people in a small capsule discussing societal values, human values, and how much air do we have left. The film was too low budget to make the concept viewable.Guide: No sex or nudity. Don't recall any swearing

5/10: A Poor Man's "Gravity (2013
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

After quarrels with the US over Suez, Britain played no manned role in the Space Race, making the first Briton in Space a female Cosmonaut. So, no coffee-capsule George Clooney and Sandra Bullock - but two unknown British actors, playing 2040's Space Convicts in their own scaled-down version of Gravity. Accepting the narrowed parameters, including the "need" for females with no physique to demonstrate exceptional strength (Oh no - not again!) this flick was not too bad. It fostered, suspense, concern about the fate of the 2 crew and disgust at the double-dealing of those back on Earth. Were it a school production it'd merit applause

1/10: Misfire
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The title of the film is solitary, that in itself would imply being by ones self and yet the main character is a mate throughout the miserably boring entire first 20 minutes that I could endure. It should have instead been titled misfire, as the film consistently misses the mark in all things film related, plot, premise, pace, acting, cinematography, score. It is of such low quality, one might confuse this with some flunky student film project. This is so poorly done, I'll have to make a mental note of the director and production as to hopefully avoid viewing such disaster. Sad to see so much garbage out there to the point it's becoming commonplace

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